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Let's unite brand and direct-response campaigns

Now there’s an answer for marketers looking for a solution that can effectively and efficiently reach their target audiences, span all digital channels, and deliver against all of their goals—at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Rocket Fuel Connect

Rocket Fuel Connect cures the schizophrenia that has been forced on advertisers by antiquated digital-media systems. Systems that separate and silo the brand and consideration-building campaigns from the direct response, in-market shopper campaigns. Rocket Fuel Connect brings together the tools necessary to run unified campaigns—that for the first time—are designed specifically to address each marketer’s goals. Rocket Fuel Connect is able to join brand awareness and consideration with purchase intent in a coordinated way to bring prospects through the marketing funnel in a manner that acknowledges their attitudes and shopping stage.

As the only solution of its kind available, Rocket Fuel Connect works for any vertical with brand and direct-response advertising goals—including CPG, retail, auto, education, travel, and many more. By allowing for more precise identification and targeting of audiences at each stage of the marketing funnel, Rocket Fuel Connect provides increased effectiveness and scale, as well as cost savings. By uniting brand and direct response campaigns, all campaigns can learn from and inform each other. Each campaign is automatically optimized in real time and can run simultaneously on online display, video, and mobile channels.

Rocket Fuel Connect can be used to boost every phase of the consumer purchase cycle—from driving awareness, through increasing consideration, to stimulating purchase.

According to the book “What Sticks,” more than 30% of advertising dollars are simply wasted each year.

In addition to wasted budgets, advertisers face many other challenges in uniting their digital brand and direct-response campaigns, including:

  • Cross-agency coordination
  • Buying inefficiency
  • Ineffective targeting
  • Optimization against the wrong metrics
  • Fleeting campaigns that do not inform and guide subsequent efforts

By utilizing Rocket Fuel’s industry-leading response-prediction technology and the ability to gather and act upon insights in real time, Rocket Fuel Connect delivers unique value to advertisers, enabling them to build demand and target in-market shoppers at a much lower cost with much higher efficiency.

Rocket Fuel Connect uses the following four elements to deliver excellent results:

1) Each Campaign Stage is Individually Optimized

Awareness, consideration, and direct-response campaigns are optimized in real time, every 15 minutes.

2) In-Sync Campaigns

Targeted brand and direct-response campaigns are integrated across stages in the marketing funnel in real time.

3) Results are Harvested

Utilizing its proprietary Insights Vault, Rocket Fuel weaves together fleeting campaigns, capturing and harnessing data across marketing goals and campaign tactics to inform, optimize, and lift results of all active media. In addition, the Insights Vault becomes a continuous insight generator that can inform subsequent campaigns, arming clients with valuable data to maximize the value of all their marketing efforts.

4) Efficiency and Scale

As insights grow, they can be utilized to further optimize other digital channels and help marketers more effectively expand and derive value from their media marketing mix.

Proprietary Progressive Optimization

Rocket Fuel delivers precision and efficiency in targeting by utilizing Progressive Optimization™. This is a proprietary response-prediction technology that combines more than two million attributes including behavioral, contextual, and demographic targeting into a comprehensive composite model. This model guides the system’s real-time bidding efforts across more than 6.4 billion impressions each day, and is automatically optimized according to pre-determined advertiser goals every 15 minutes. Progressive Optimization is used by all of Rocket Fuel’s digital-advertising solutions.

Optimize to the Metrics You Care About

Rocket Fuel Connect offers a better way to run successful integrated campaigns. It does so by tracking metrics and equity elements in real time and measuring the composition of the audience seeing your ads, then using these measurements to immediately improve results across all campaigns. No matter what metric you want to measure—brand awareness, message association, consideration, or purchase intent—you’ll see improved results as the campaigns run.

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