Rocket Fuel for Display Advertisers

Let’s change the game

Let’s run a smarter campaign. Let’s track metrics in real time and get to know your audience better and faster. Because now you can optimize ads on the fly, go way beyond clicks, and send results through the roof. We’ll help you maximize the metrics that matter and crush the needle on sales—online and off. We’ll help you drive your consumers' desire and raise the chances they’re buying while shopping. This is no typical media buy.

Data-driven Targeting

No two consumers are alike. With Rocket Fuel, we identify your target audience’s many unique characteristics to ensure your messages are positively influencing their perception of your brand. Our system will harness, analyze, and act upon this enormous amount of data, making the delivery of effective video campaigns easier and more cost-effective.

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Real-time Brand Optimization

Real TimeWhat moves people moves product. With Rocket Fuel, you can measure in real time how people feel—about your brand, about your message, and, most important, about their intent to purchase. So you can optimize your campaign on the fly and ensure your online ads are working once and for all.

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Cross-funnel Optimization

Smart campaigns learn from each other. With Rocket Fuel, your campaigns are synchronized and optimized at all phases of the marketing funnel. So you’re assured that your online consumers are getting all the information they need, and your in-market shoppers are driven to purchase—in the most cost-efficient way possible.

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Cross-channel Optimization

There’s more than one way to reach your customer. With Rocket Fuel, you’re up and running with a turnkey platform that targets and optimizes your brand message, no matter where your audience sees it—whether it’s across display, video, mobile, or your social media inventory.

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Boosted Retargeting

All prospects are not created equal. Rocket Fuel continuously learns, adapts, and adjusts your target, focusing on the right sites, the right time of the day, the right ad for each visitor. This means you can focus on the ones that matter, based on the metrics that matter to you.

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Brand Safety

Nothing draws negative attention like inappropriate content. Rocket Fuel goes beyond what industry guidelines prescribe, building additional levels of safety and security right into our platform and processes. So you get multiple levels of defense that ensure your ads are always in good company.

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Insights and Analytics

What really drove your campaign success? Was it the content? The creative? The time of day? Rocket Fuel identifies the key drivers of a campaign’s success, and helps you apply these insights to improve and optimize future marketing strategy and creative development.

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Offline Impact

Who needs a computer to measure online ads? With Rocket Fuel, you’ll follow customer activity offline thanks to the Nielsen Company’s NetEffect and their Homescan® Consumer Panel. An invaluable partner, Nielsen also provides the audience insights we use to further refine and optimize to your sales goals.