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Rocket Fuel Insights Booster analytics packages identify the key drivers of your campaign’s success, help you understand what’s working and why, and allow you to better understand the quality, composition, and characteristics of the audience being reached.

Rocket Fuel Insights Booster

Rocket Fuel offers three levels of analytic packages that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success: Content, creative, demographics, geography, and more. Opt for the higher levels, and you’ll get additional campaign insights plus consumer-profile characteristics as they relate to your brand.

These campaign insights and audience characteristics can be used to improve future digital campaigns, offline marketing programs, and creative development. You’ll understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working. So you get smarter faster, and quickly grow engagement with the best audience for your brand.

Stage 1 & 2 Packages Include:

Stage 3 Packages Include:


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