Rocket Fuel for Marketers

Let’s rethink digital marketing for the enterprise

Let's take the fat out of digital marketing and put muscle into your bottom line. Let's put high-tech solutions to work on a grand scale. Let’s take the advanced decision-making capabilities of Rocket Fuel and apply them to your entire marketing mix—display, mobile, video, and social. Ditch the siloed campaign approach and embrace a holistic way of thinking. Experiment and get insights in minutes instead of months. And put what you just learned into practice in real time, not next time.

Rocket Fuel for marketers

Finally, there's an enterprise-class solution built for strategic marketers, not IT people. Rocket Fuel Enterprise is a complete digital-marketing suite. Think DSP meets DMP, purpose-built for RTB, with a killer UI to help you launch, learn, and scale campaigns, ASAP.

Technology built for the real world. Really.

Saying it's tried and true is an understatement. Rocket Fuel Enterprise is built on the same technology that's served 14 billion ads, for over 2,000 campaigns, for more than 700 of the world's best-known brands. Technology that's been crunching over 10 billion advertising opportunities per day (that's up to 200,000 per second), in real time, based on millions of factors, for more than four solid years. (Don't try to add that up in your head.)

Turn media buying into real-time precision science

Technology promises to make advertising more highly targeted, with far less “wasted spend.” The problem is, petabytes of ad and audience data is generated every day. And most brands and advertisers don’t have the advanced artificial intelligence tools needed to interpret all this data, in real time, to automatically make the right media buys. Rocket Fuel’s platform turns media buying into a real-time precision science. Which means you can say good bye to the "spreadsheet hell" of manual optimization, and hello to letting the machines do the grunt work for you.

Reach your customers anywhere, on any device

There’s more than one way to reach your customer. With Rocket Fuel, you’re up and running with a turnkey platform that targets and optimizes your brand message no matter where your audience sees it—whether it’s across display, video, mobile, or your social-media inventory. So say goodbye to duplication, waste, and reinvention. 

Fill the funnel, top to bottom

Rocket Fuel Enterprise helps you drive results in every phase of the consumer purchase cycle, from driving awareness to increasing consideration to stimulating purchase. With Rocket Fuel, your campaigns are synchronized and optimized at all phases of the marketing funnel. So you’re assured that your online consumers are getting all the information they need and your in-market shoppers are driven to purchase—in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Deep insights

What really drives your campaign success? Is it the content? The creative? The time of day? Who's really engaging with your ads? What's the composition of your true audience? From summary data, to deep dives, to drill-downs, Rocket Fuel identifies the key drivers of a campaign’s success and helps you apply these insights to improve and optimize your marketing strategy. Rocket Fuel offers marketers unprecedented model transparency. You'll get an unobstructed view to just about every insight and recommendation imaginable.

Full service or at your service, it's your call

You can rely on our professional white-glove service and support to have your back. Or take the gloves off, and get as hands-on as you want. Either way, you'll have access to experienced analytics, trafficking, strategy, and integration people dedicated to making your advertising work smarter, faster. 24/7/365. It's all about control and transparency, however you define it. 

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