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Put the power of video into your audience's hands

Let’s put high-tech solutions to work on high-impact mobile video. Let’s take advanced targeting capabilities and apply them to the storytelling power of video—with motion, sound, and plot twists. Let’s deliver more efficient, effective ads directly into your most receptive audience’s hands.

Run a Smarter Mobile Video Campaign

With smartphones, superphones, and tablets in everyone’s hands, it’s incredibly important to be targeting mobile consumers. Especially with the rise in video consumption on those mobile devices. On the train, in the waiting room, or at the beach, your audience is shifting from TV to streaming video.

Mobile Video Booster combines the immersive experience of a TV spot with the anytime, anywhere functionality of a mobile phone. It lets you build stronger relationships with consumers by leveraging the immersive and engaging “lean-in” environment of mobile video. Mobile Video Booster in an integrated solution that helps brands invoke passion, build buzz, boost brand favorability, increase recommendation intent, and deliver a lift in purchase intent.

Go Beyond Traditional Mobile Video

Rocket Fuel mobile video ads generate emotional responses to brands through sight, sound, and motion. They do it by combining full-screen and well-timed audience immersion with highly accurate targeting and reach, at scale.  Mobile Video Booster goes beyond traditional mobile ad buys by harnessing the intelligence of data-driven online ads. It then leverages those insights to create a custom-built audience profile—one that engages mobile audiences with your brand and delivers effective, measurable results.

Run a Better Mobile Video Campaign

People view ads while watching videos, playing games, reading articles, or even viewing photos on mobile devices. This means mobile users can be reached with mobile video advertising even when they’re not consuming video content. When it comes to video ads on mobile, consumers are more engaged, and they’re more likely to watch videos to completion. As a result, mobile scores much  better across key brand metrics such as lift or purchase intent.

Display, Video, Mobile, and Social—All Together Now

Running a mobile video campaign with Rocket Fuel provides you with the options and benefits of cross-channel buying across display, video, mobile, and social media. This ensures that you reach the widest audience possible. Rocket Fuel calculates  what works in the display world, including what drives specific actions and conversions, then uses this to craft the most effective  mobile video buying decisions. Combining mobile-video campaigns with display and video campaigns across channels drives brand-marketing objectives and optimizes your marketing investment by reaching a much larger audience.

Artificial Intelligence. Real Results.

The company that brought rocket science to the web is now bringing that same know-how and razor-sharp targeting to mobile video. Rocket Fuel’s model-driven approach to optimization is the key to driving performance. The company’s mobile-video measurement methodology uses a projection model based on comScore measurements and impressions rationed out based on targeted inventory bundles, and avoiding the dependency on mobile cookies.

Mobile Video Booster. How it Works:

  1. Mobile Video Booster delivers your full-screen video ad that runs before mobile applications and in mobile web pages.
  2. Consumers may see a video ad immediately after loading an application or before viewing a new page of content, or a new video.
  3. The triggers for the video vary, but always occur at a natural break in usage, including: Clicking to view content, switching between application sections, completing a game level, or launching an application.
  4. When the video ad is done playing, the advertiser’s website or landing page loads automatically. The viewer can close the video ad or landing page. When they do this, they return to the application content.
  5. A generic companion ad appears on the content page. Clicking this ad replays the video ad.

  • Duration: 15- or 30-second full screen on iOS and Android
  • Targeting: Audience, content, device, geography, and 19 available channels
  • Reach: 1B impressions per month, 30-50M uniques per month
  • Optimization: Impressions, clicks, or completed views
  • Creative Assets: Use existing video creative with no modification
  • Playback: Runs before apps and in mobile web pages

Arming You With Deep Insights

As a campaign add-on, Rocket Fuel offers several levels of analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success: Content, creative, demographics, geography, and more. In the unreliable world of mobile reporting, our reports ensure a consistent and reliable view of your core data. Our Insights Booster cross-channel analytics packages help you understand what’s working and why, and allow you to better understand the quality, composition, and characteristics of the audience being reached in each channel.

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