Real-Time Brand Optimization

Let's take advantage of real-time survey data

Rocket Fuel delivers the industry’s first real-time campaign optimization based on brand perception and audience characteristics.

Real-Time Brand Optimization

Tune online campaigns right now to better deliver brand metrics:

  1. As we run your campaign, we deliver single-question in-banner brand surveys to your target audience.
  2. Surveys are processed by Dynamic Logic, Vizu, or Dimestore.
  3. Survey data gets sent to us in real time.
  4. We track performance and analyze the data.
  5. We use our real-time optimization technology to boost performance of your brand metrics as the campaign runs.

The Trouble with Traditional Brand Campaigns

Brand marketers have traditionally relied on click-through rates or other, less relevant metrics to understand if they’re reaching the best audiences and to tune their campaigns. Traditional brand marketers value measuring the brand impact of their campaigns but continue to have poor choices for optimizing in-market. Optimizing based on click rates or conversion rates provides no guarantee of results, and often does not apply to an advertiser’s brand metrics.

Why Real-Time Brand Optimization

Rocket Fuel’s solution provides automated audience targeting based on key brand metrics chosen by the advertiser. This solution delivers display ad-targeting optimization based on brand perception and audience characteristics in real-time. Marketers can now let Rocket Fuel optimize the targeting of their campaigns based on familiar characteristics such as being “in-market” for a product or being “favorable” toward it. Major brands can now optimize on audience characteristics such as brand favorability, intent to purchase, and brand awareness.

Building Data-Driven Designer Audiences

Rocket Fuel first builds a custom audience profile based on the marketing objectives for each ad campaign by layering multiple types of data about consumers: demographic, interest, lifestyle, purchase history, behavioral, contextual, social, search, and more. We go beyond other audience-targeting technologies by layering multiple unique data sources with our own suite of targeting algorithms, analytics, automation, and expert analysis to deliver high composition of your target audience.

Optimizing to the Desired Metrics

As the campaign runs, the Rocket Fuel platform uses our survey partner's real-time survey data to determine the characteristics of those most likely to exhibit the brand responses or audience characteristics desired by the advertiser. Rocket Fuel then optimizes the targeting for the campaign based on the desired brand and audience metrics.

Focusing on Your Campaign Objectives

Rocket Fuel uses proven technology and methodology to create your brand survey. Surveys can be built to test target effectiveness (are we reaching the right audience?) or ad effectiveness (are we increasing awareness of our brand?). Whatever you want to measure, we can measure it, including brand-emphasis metrics (awareness, recall, message association, purchase consideration, favorability, recommendation, intent, and more), or audience metrics (demographics, interests, in-market, lifestyles, etc).

Audience-focused questions might include:

  • How many times do you drink tea?
  • When will you buy tea next?
  • Do you drink hot or cold tea?
  • What do you like most about tea?
  • Which tea flavor do you prefer?

Brand-focused questions could include:

  • Have you heard of BrandX tea?
  • Which BrandX tea do you like best?
  • Are you aware BrandX tea is 100% natural?
  • Do you plan to purchase BrandX tea?
  • Would you recommend BrandX tea?

Brand Metric Optimization Now

With the survey results, Rocket Fuel zeroes in on the key characteristics of your audience. Our platform automatically tunes your campaign to focus on people who are more likely to engage with your brand and respond to your message. Whether you're looking to create awareness for a new brand, or influence those who are making immediate purchase decisions, you’ll get better results right now, meaning you won’t have to wait for campaigns that you may run next quarter or next year. And since we’re constantly testing with your brand surveys, you’ll see steady lift over the course of your current campaign.

Arming You With Deep Insights

As part of the solution, Rocket Fuel offers analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success: Content, creative, demographics, geography, and more. These insights about target audience characteristics can be used to improve future online and offline marketing and creative development. You’ll understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working. So you get smarter, faster.

You’ll also get insights on consumer-profile characteristics as they relate to your brand so future online and offline marketing and creative strategies get better and better.

• Demographics  • Income  • Lifestyle  • Geography  • Interests  • Behavior   • Purchase Intent
• Search Intent  • Online Actions  • Category Purchases

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