Boosted Retargeting

Let's maximize conversions and focus on the audience most influenced by your ads

Don’t settle for “vanilla” retargeting that simply shows ads to anyone who’s visited your site. Work smarter and boost your ROI by focusing on your most valuable customers, e.g. those most likely to come back and take action.

Why Rocket Fuel?

In the words of one key client:

"At Booyah, we have very serious clients who expect us to diligently and carefully allocate their spend. So when something new like FBX comes along, we don't just go with one FBX partner and assume they're all the same. In our testing, Rocket Fuel's FBX solution delivered 48.3% lower CPA than a leading FBX DSP, so Rocket Fuel is definitely one we're keeping."
—Troy Lerner, President, Booyah Advertising

The Rocket Fuel solution provides unique advantages

  • Boosted Retargeting. Our AI technology automatically delivers the most valuable returning site prospects and the best new and incremental prospects cloned from high-value converters.
  • Scale. Award-winning technology with access to 99% of the Internet population and over 10.5 billion daily impression opportunities to find the perfect prospects.
  • Service and Support. A customer account team dedicated to exceeding goals and expectations.
  • Proven success. Deliver more efficient conversions and ROI for your advertising dollars—250% better or more!

Our Solution Goes Beyond Simple Retargeting

Rocket Fuel's Boosted Retargeting focuses on converting the core set of prospects and customers that matter—prospects that are most likely to engage and take action. Rocket Fuel creates dynamic user segments within your retargeting pool and differentiates visitors based on purchase cycle and affinity with the advertiser. Customer groups are automatically differentiated to receive the right engagement and emphasis.

We increase value through prospect differentiation.

Dynamic scoring and assessment of core retargeting pool

Sample customer segments:

  • Window Shoppers are just browsing. They're early in the purchase cycle, and not quite ready to buy.
  • Quick Converters are well aware of your products and ready to buy. But they may have a short-term focus and/or may not have high lifetime value.
  • Loyalists in the Making are relatively early in the purchase cycle. They have high customer value and are likely buy again and again.
  • Hot Prospects are the perfect combination: High customer value with the ready-to-buy spirit, definitely on the verge of converting.

Our Reach Guarantees We’ll Find Your Audience

Rocket Fuel reaches 99% of the Internet population. That's over 235 million people. This vast reach means that we can get in front of virtually all of the prospects that visited your website but didn't perform a desired action, no matter where they are on the web.

Retargeting that Drives Positive Impact

All consumers are not created equal—advertising impacts them differently. For some, advertising can drive a positive impact. But in some cases, it can actually have a negative impact. Rocket Fuel addresses this concern and offers the most effective methodology for measuring the impact of retargeting campaigns across audience profiles. Our technology eliminates wasted ad spend by automatically discovering and focusing on segments with the highest lift in conversions, and steering away from audience segments with negative impact.

Our AI Models Understand that Context drives Impact

Along with millions of other features that work together to choose the best ad.

Leveraging Big Data

Our technology focuses on the right audience by analyzing millions of online and offline data points to determine a visitor’s propensity to convert, their stage in the purchase cycle, and their overall customer value.

Data points include:

  • Visit recency
  • Visit frequency
  • Search intent
  • Behavior
  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Psychographics
  • Time of day
  • Offline purchases
  • And many more

We clone what works to scale prospecting opportunities

Finding More Customers that Matter

With only a finite retargeting pool, how do you scale your online campaigns? Once we have identified the core set of customers that matter, doesn't it make sense to find more of these valuable customers on the Internet and show them an ad? Boosted Retargeting leverages the retargeting pool, applying Rocket Fuel's advanced modeling capabilities to analyze millions of audience features, and finding similarities in profiles and behaviors.

The output is a fresh pool of users that in many ways are exactly the same as the ones who have visited your site and are thus more likely to engage with your brand. We call this "lookalike modeling." Targeting lookalikes brings incremental people to your website, building scale and driving additional conversions.

The Right Moments of Influence(SM) Really Matter

It's not enough to have the right consumers. The right context also matters. Time of day, day of the week, website, and page content each play a part in driving success. Rocket Fuel finds the customers that matter in the ad contexts and times that promote engagement and conversions, creating maximum impact for your retargeting efforts.

A Powerful Layer of Personalization

Rocket Fuel's Dynamic Creative Booster solves the traditional challenges of "one size fits all" messaging by providing an end-to-end solution to create, target, deliver, measure, and optimize ads tailored to each individual viewer. Each creative element within the banner ad unit is independently measured, allowing for optimization across millions of ad combinations—including headlines, calls-to-action, body copy, images, products, and other stylistic aspects. We also measure performance in real  time to continuously adapt and learn from every impression. We do this by optimizing around product or offer-specific results to further boost conversions based on what the prospect was doing on the site.

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