Activate audiences online to drive offline sales

CPG Booster

CPG Booster

Maximize the metrics that matter and crush the needle on sales—online and off. CPG Booster drives results in every phase of the consumer purchase cycle: from driving awareness, through increasing consideration, to stimulating purchase.

Run a Smarter CPG Campaign

CPG Booster is an integrated solution that helps CPG brands:

  • Reach the right audience across multiple digital touchpoints
  • Drive
 lift in brand metrics
  • Boost coupon downloads
  • Maximize earned media
  • Improve and measure offline sales

Rocket Fuel’s team of PhDs and data scientists developed CPG Booster to lead consumers through the path to purchase—building brand favorability, driving trial, boosting offline sales, and continuing customer conversations to increase share of wallet, create brand loyalty, and promote customer advocacy. Your campaigns will benefit from a coordinated effort across marketing initiatives and digital channels, and each campaign can learn from and inform the others to boost performance even further.

Hone In On Your Precise Audience

It’s not just about access to data. You need to have the horsepower to analyze and act on it in real time. CPG Booster combines millions of data features from its multi-petabyte data store of digital consumer behavior with over 80,000 CPG-specific data segments from multiple third-party data providers, to create custom CPG-buying audiences for each advertiser. Whether you need to find value shoppers, brand loyalists, or potential switchers, CPG Booster is ideally suited to intelligently engage with different shopper groups.

Rocket Fuel CPG Booster is a complete solution to boost metrics throughout the customer life cycle, drive frequency with high-lifetime-value shoppers, and increase volume with high-frequency shoppers.

CPG Booster makes smarter decision by layering data features that include:

  •  In-market intent
  •  Past CPG purchases
  •  Other offline purchases
  •  Past coupon download behavior
  •  Lifestyles
  •  Interests
  •  Demographic
  •  Psychographic
  •  Geographic
  •  And many more

Display, Video, Mobile, and Social—All Together Now

You know the stats. Nearly 100% of all consumer goods sales occur in brick-and-mortar grocery, drugstores, and big-box stores. However, in the new normal of the multi-screen universe, consumers now seek information to inform their purchase decisions on computers, tablets, mobile devices, and social networks.

For the first time, CPG brands can fine-tune their media investment mix across online display, video, mobile, and social, all from one source. They can also simultaneously optimize and quantify the real-world value of their digital advertising investment across these channels. For brand managers, CPG Booster provides a framework to use all of these digital channels in concert to drive sales.

Increase Brand Metrics You Care About, Online, All the Time

Boosting upper- and mid-funnel metrics online are critical to create enough endearing consumer brand value to drive offline sales. CPG Booster harnesses the power of real-time brand optimization to drive a lift in brand metrics. By focusing on attitudinal indicators such as purchase intent, favorability, likelihood to recommend, and awareness, CPG Booster automatically identifies and progressively optimizes reach of each and every impression to the most receptive consumer.

“We're thrilled that Rocket Fuel launched CPG Booster. For the CPG brands we manage, it represents a leap in our ability to precisely connect with the most receptive digital audiences, and quantify the value of these online advertising efforts relative to offline sales.”
—Justine McGrath, Digital Director, Optimedia

Boost Coupon Downloads & Product Trials

It’s no secret. Coupon redemptions are on the rise, and for 65% of Americans they’re vital to purchase decisions. According to Nielsen data, digital coupon usage will grow to 92.5 million in 2012. For most consumers, that means 15 minutes a week spent searching for offers. CPG Booster delivers these “super shoppers” by leveraging proprietary digital coupon data to drive product trial or incentive discounts. It’s powerful data you won’t find anywhere else.

Amplify Awareness, Buzz and Engagement

Having a social strategy doesn’t just mean having a pulse on Facebook. CPG Booster drives high-quality traffic, builds buzz, boosts share of conversation and endorsement effects by delivering messages to social influencers who drive recommendations and trials of products within your custom audience. CPG Booster can automatically create, launch, and test thousands of ads to help brands garner social advocacy and recommendation faster.

Improve & Measure Offline Sales, Generate Remarkable Insights

CPG Booster is the only solution that uses the sophisticated artificial intelligence built by Rocket Fuel to optimize campaigns in real time to reach in-market, intent-driven consumers at key product consideration points, and drive a lift in offline sales. With a best-in-class relationship with Nielsen NetEffect, the gold standard for offline CPG sales ROI measurement, CPG Booster tracks and measures the true impact of every digital dollar spent.

In addition, CPG Booster provides:

  • Sophisticated methodologies for measuring lift in brand metrics
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • A dedicated support and analytics team to provide unparalleled insights

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