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Fashion Booster

Fashion Booster

We’re a proven partner in delivering value for fashion brands—helping them to quickly and cost-effectively launch successful online campaigns that drive brand engagement, increase sales, and boost ROI.

Delivering Fashion Consumers and Shopping Intenders

There’s an enormous amount of really good data that’s available to make finding women’s fashion and retail consumers much easier and less costly. The trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze, and act on it.

That’s where Rocket Fuel comes in. We’re experts at finding and acquiring fashion consumers online.

Fashion Booster identifies fashion consumers across any media, including social media, and targets them in brand-safe environments. We drive higher performance for fashion marketers by turning untargeted media into high-performance impressions and valuable qualified segments. How well does it work? We exceeded a client’s ROI target by over 70% in a recent campaign.

We use a simple process that works amazingly well at delivering fashion consumers and shopping intenders.

  • We observe and learn about your customers on your website. We automatically test your offer(s) to determine the characteristics of those who engage the best with your ads.
  • We engage those customers for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to drive repeat orders and increase shopping-cart size.
  • We focus on finding more of these great customers and drive them back to your website. We find these audiences and their friends everywhere across our network, driving your aquisition efforts with the quality reach you demand at whatever scale you require.

Precision Targeting Means No More Guesswork

Rocket Fuel doesn’t shoehorn fashion brands into cookie-cutter verticals or “tracks.” Instead, Rocket Fuel’s automated technology identifies the top-performing fashion segments for each individual campaign, across the entire web, and directs impressions to boost campaign performance in minutes, as opposed to the months it would take to pour through data and adjust manually.

Custom Segments Amplify Brand Engagement

Our Progressive Optimization™ immediately focuses the campaign on client metrics (such as engagement) based on top-performing characteristics like sites, creative, ad unit size, time of day, geography, behavior, and demographics. These top-performing characteristics create a "custom fashion segment" for your particular campaign or creative.

Our system then focuses on finding individuals who fit your custom profile throughout the web. We find people who are most likely to consider, respond to, and excite others about your brand.

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