Rocket Fuel helps casinos drive bookings and boost return on ad spend

Hotel Casino Booster

Hotel Casino Booster

There’s an enormous amount of data available to make finding in-market hotel casino customers much easier and less costly. The trick is having the horsepower to harness, analyze, and act on it. Rocket Fuel’s Hotel Casino Booster maximizes campaign performance by targeting your ideal customer based on geographic, lifestyle, and in-market behavioral attributes.

Our targeting mix delivers the right audience:

Hotel Casino Booster

  • People in-market for hotel casinos
  • People with an affinity to your brand
  • People with an affinity to your competitors' brands
  • People with lifestyles that fit your brand
  • People in high-value feeder and drive markets

Select Campaign Tactics

From our experience running hotel-casino campaigns, we’ve identified five main tactics that work extremely well at reaching active buyers:
1. Re-targeting
2. In-market traveler targeting
3. Geo-driven targeting
4. Competitive brand conquesting
5. “Lookalike” targeting.

Boosted Re-targeting

Don’t settle for “vanilla” re-targeting that simply shows ads to anyone who visits your site. We work smarter by focusing on your most valuable customers – those most likely to come back and take action. We give you a much more granular view of visitors within your cookie pool, and we differentiate visitors based on a number of data-driven factors. This allows us to hone in on the ones that matter based on the metrics you define.

In-market Targeting

We can aggregate valuable travel and research behaviors from consumers actively “in market” across the Internet, and extract data from branded sites through access to purchase, shopping comparison, or other behaviors. Sample intent behaviors include searching for hotels by class or type, destination cities, flights, car rentals, and accommodations. When we find someone who matches a campaign’s intended audience, we can recognize these intenders and show them the most relevant ad.

Geographic Targeting

If you know your feeder markets, drive markets, and specific DMAs that work best for your hotel, we can limit your campaign to the most productive markets. We can also help you discover new markets that perform well to help broaden your reach.

Competitive Conquesting

Want to grab customers from your competition? Competitive conquesting is an opportunity to grab the attention of people considering a competing brand.

Lookalike Targeting

Once we understand what works best, we can use the same data to find more people and show them your ad. We call it targeting “lookalikes”—a fresh pool of visitors who are in many ways exactly like the people who have visited your site and are thus much more likely to engage with your brand.

Arming You With Deep Insights

As part of the solution, Rocket Fuel offers analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success: Content, creative, demographics, geography, and more. You’ll also get insights on consumer profile characteristics as they relate to your brand.

These insights about target audience characteristics can be used to improve future online and offline marketing and creative development. You’ll understand what’s working and why, and what’s not working. So you get smarter, faster.

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