Maximize your effective share of voice to boost premiere tune-ins

Tune-In Booster

Tune-In Booster

Rocket Fuel can quickly scale your campaign to maximize impact and efficiently reach new viewers when they’re most receptive to your message—across online, video, social, and mobile media.

Industry-Leading Technology

Rocket Fuel delivers better digital advertising results against marketers’ goals. Our predictive models consider millions of data variables, from behavioral to contextual to demographic. They then identify the top-performing audience segments for each individual campaign and reevaluate them 100 times a day.

Hone In On Your Precise Audience

Rocket Fuel goes beyond endemic entertainment buys and audience-targeting technologies by combining demographic, lifestyle, purchase intent, and social data with its own suite of targeting algorithms, blended analytics and expert analysis to find potential viewers. It does this anywhere on the web across all digital media.

Target Multitaskers Watching TV

Multiple screen targeting reaches people at the right time and place—right at tune-in time—while they’re sitting in front of the TV with their tablets, phones, and laptops.

Grab Viewers From Other Shows

Competitive conquesting is an opportunity to grab the attention of people considering a competing show, viewers of similar genres, interests, or time slots, or your own audience for another show with similar audience characteristics. We leverage our own data along with third-party data to build a custom profile that matches your viewers in terms of psychograhics, demographics, interests, and more.

Smart Burst Impression Delivery
Our control systems and ad-serving infrastructure enable us to deliver your campaign with laser-like control—whether that’s heavying up right before the premiere or hitting the sweet spot by daypart targeting to get the right message across at exactly the right time.

Leverage Display to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Along with showing your video ad, we can leverage the cost-efficiencies of display to drive frequency. This keeps your brand message top of mind among your audience as your premiere gets closer. We continuously optimize your campaign to fine-tune the best frequency and fuel more tune ins.

Amplify Awareness, Buzz and Engagement

Social targeting drives high-quality traffic, builds buzz, and boosts share of conversation and endorsement effects by targeting social influencers who drive tune-ins and trials of new shows within your target audience.

Boosted Retargeting

Our technology finds the the core set of viewers who are most likely to engage with your brand and take action, and brings them back to your site. Once we understand what works best, we can use the same data to find more people and show them your ad. We call it retargeting “lookalikes”—a fresh pool of viewers who are in many ways exactly like the people who have visited your site and are thus much more likely to tune in.

Premium Placements

Our network is built from the ground up to showcase and repurpose your television creative and other true digital video-based assets in high quality digital placements. We cherry-pick the best of the best impressions across the web by bidding on them in real time, leveraging everything we know about your audience.

Analytics and Insights

Our analytics packages identify the key drivers of your campaign’s success, help you understand what’s working and why, and allow you to better understand the quality, composition, and characteristics of the audience being reached.

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