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Let's make a smarter video buy

Rocket Fuel Video Booster delivers the intelligence and accuracy of targeted display ads with the impact of digital video and real-time brand metrics.

Rocket Fuel Video Booster

Target Your Precise Audience

  • Leverage Rocket Fuel’s Real-Time Targeting—leading-edge technology that enables you to reach who you want, when you want them.
  • Efficiently expand precision targeting with look-alike segments, and gain insights into new segments.

Bootstrap Video Buys

  • Buy video more efficiently. Our machine-learning technology applies what we learn from display to make smarter audience buys in video.
  • Integrate campaign insights and decision-making across all digital platforms including video, mobile, display, social.

Drive Brand Metrics

  • Track brand metrics in real time and measure the composition of the audience seeing your ads to immediately improve results.
  • We use industry-standard sampling methodologies in partnership with Dimestore, Dynamic Logic, and Vizu.

Quality Matters

  • Our inventory is pre-roll and mid-roll inventory and never in-banner.
  • Video plays are always user-initiated. We never use autoplay below the fold to drive completion rates.

Arming You with Deep Insights

As a campaign add-on, Rocket Fuel offers several levels of analyses that identify the key drivers of a campaign’s success: Content, creative, demographics, geography, and more. In the unreliable world of video reporting, our reports ensure a consistent and reliable view of your core data. Our Insights Booster cross-channel analytics packages help you understand what’s working and why, and allow you to better understand the quality, composition, and characteristics of the audience being reached in each channel.

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