Digital Marketing Technology

Our Technology

Remember those wonder kids who aced every test and went on to work for NASA? Well, now they’re building our stuff. Seriously.

Great technology begins with a great team

Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, IIT—coincidence or consequence? Rocket Fuel’s core technology team comes from the most celebrated computer-science and engineering programs in the world. The team is comprised of:

  • More PhDs than any ad technology company in our sector (LinkedIN)
  • 2 SIGMOD award winners (imagine having two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors writing your copy—we have ours writing our code)
  • 1 Artificial Intelligence Top 10 Most Cited Papers of All Time
  • 130 papers
  • 78 patents

  • 3 books

To improve digital marketing for our customers, we have created a new class of computing. We did this by synthesizing leading-edge research and development in artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and decision science. This potent blend turns online marketing programs into intelligent, computational life forms that continuously adapt to changing and evolving data streams, performance signals, and media environments. 

But we’re not just about automation. We provide dedicated account managers, analysts, and real-time reporting and feedback so you'll never be caught off guard or unable to respond to senior management with timely information.

Our core philosophy is simple: Score and serve each impression to make an impression every time

Most businesses take efforts to treat their best customers a little better. Frequent fliers get the seats with extra legroom. Restaurant regulars get the best tables.

But to most ad servers, every ad-serving decision is the same. One minute the ad server may be looking for an ad to fill an impression on the worst-performing publisher in the network, with a prospect who hasn't clicked an ad all year. The next minute the ad server could be handling an impression on a premium publisher, with a prospect who has clicked ads for digital cameras and high-yield savings accounts recently. Sadly, too many of these technologies of yesteryear linger in the ad-tech ecosystem, relics of an old age of computing.

Simply stated, Rocket Fuel is running the Bugatti Veyron of high-performance ad technology. We put it to use every day, billions of times per day, to score each and every impression for its own inherent advertising value. Successful marketers who work with Rocket Fuel reap the rewards of unmatched speed, agility, and performance. Performance that can be matched by no one.