Rocket Fuel

Moments: The Next Wave of Data Driven Marketing


Who is Rocket Fuel?

Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) was founded in March 2008 with a vision of transforming the digital advertising industry through big data and artificial intelligence. At a time when RTB and ad exchanges were still nascent, Rocket Fuel quickly grew into the industry leader by bringing the precision and conclusiveness of science to the world of marketing to drive higher ROI.

Today, Rocket Fuel is a full Programmatic Marketing Platform designed to go beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a particular person in a particular moment of time. Our methodology, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, is called Moment Scoring™, and it results in a much more efficient use of marketing dollars.

With Moment Scoring, we continue to define the next wave of data-driven marketing by optimising programmatic marketing decisions across channels, devices, and objectives for agencies and marketers. The result is and will always be more efficient use of marketing dollars for a greater ROI.
Programmatic technologies have evolved to reduce the complexity of reaching diverse audiences, but also make it possible to go beyond the traditional focus on audiences and segments to understand specific, relevant moments in consumers’ lives. Just a few years ago, marketing to moments was an exciting vision. With Rocket Fuel, it’s now a reality.


With Data Processing This Powerful, We Can Market in the moment, At the right moment, every second of every day

Marketing that learns via Moment Scoring

We’re living in a moment-driven society. Moments are defining the way we think, spend, and act. And from consumers’ biggest life-changing events down to their smallest impulses, how they react to advertising in one moment can change dramatically in the next.

But there’s a problem: consumers are living moment-to-moment and marketers aren’t following suit. Instead of scoring each moment of interaction to update and improve their campaigns in real time, most marketers are wasting dollars messaging static segments and profiles, constraining themselves with predetermined spend, and being misled by out of date reporting.  

With a platform that helps campaigns deliver higher performance and adjust in milliseconds instead of days, weeks, or months, it begs the questions:

Why target audience segments or static user profiles that can only be updated every few weeks when marketers can now leverage real-time contextual data to determine the best message in a moment?

Why use months-old campaign data to assess what works when marketers can score each moment to improve marketing actions in real time?

Why plan marketing spend by channel and device months in advance by guessing what might happen when marketers can let an accurate media mix emerge based on what is happening, in real time?  

These critical inefficiencies in the way marketers target, learn, and spend prevent them from acting on new data to identify the moments that form the consumer journey and drive their goals. And as the leaders in the media world awaken to the potential of marketing in the moment,  they’ll soon realise that simply offering media to key consumers is not enough. Unlike our competitors, Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring technology learns the critical—and often hard to recognise—predictors of what makes one ad more appropriate than another in a particular moment based on a marketer’s goal.  

Everybody recognises the power of marketing in the moment, but Rocket Fuel can adapt over the life of a campaign to evaluate an ad in the context of each moment, seamlessly.