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Rocket Fuel is a digital-advertising technology company that has grown rocket-fast since its founding in 2008. It is the leading provider of artificial intelligence online-advertising solutions. It combines a world-class engineering team with the industry's most productive sales and delivery teams. Its customers are some of the world’s most successful brands. Rocket Fuel serves them from its offices in 20 cities around the globe including London, New York, Toronto, Paris, Madrid and Hamburg.

Rocket Fuel is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to employment equity throughout all levels of the organisation. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace.

Rocket Fuel: Nerdy But Loveable

Benefits at Rocket Fuel

The benefits of working at Rocket Fuel go way beyond the traditional health, dental, and vision plans (although we have fantastic versions of each of those too). It’s pretty simple: We believe that you should enjoy the place you spend (at least) eight hours of your day, five days a week.

As a Rocket Fueler, you will:


Meetings don’t just happen in conference rooms here. We see a lot happening in bean bag chairs, during walks, or outside on the lawn in any of our many beautiful, green open spaces.


Our ping-pong table is almost always being utilized. If ping-pong’s not your thing, you can find a team of coworkers for pretty much any sport you can think of, from dodge-ball, to yoga, to cricket… and more. Lots more.


Speaking of yoga, if you work in our HQ office, you’ll enjoy access to a world-class gym with plenty of cardio, weights, a rock-climbing wall, and two basketball courts. Oh yea, a heated pool too. And if you work elsewhere, you get a monthly fitness allowance.


As a full-time, exempt employee, you’ll enjoy UNLIMITED vacation/PTO. No, we’re not kidding.


Catered meals. Catered to every dietary need or desire. Not to mention our kitchens, which are fully-stocked with healthy snacks and fruit, including literally 12 different kinds of yogurt. And three, count ‘em—three—different kinds of gourmet coffee-makers.


Happy Hour happens once a week. Play poker, chill out, and wind down with your co-workers after a long day. All made better with premium wine, beer, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, and delicious appetizers.


One of the best benefits of working here is the people you work with. They’re not only super smart and passionate about what they’re doing, they’re also down-to-earth, easy to work with, and they love pushing each other to be better.

Can’t forget all the other awesome benefits that we offer our employees:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision plans, covered 100% for employees, 70% for eligible dependents
  • UNLIMITED PTO/vacation
  • Pre-tax Flexible Spending Account 
  • Pre-tax Dependent Care Flex-Spending Account
  • Pre-tax commuter benefits
  • 401K
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Life Insurance

Rocket Fuel Job Openings

Find descriptions of our open jobs below. We’re hiring like crazy, so check back again soon if you don’t see something of interest today. Or, if you know you want to work here (duh) but you’re not sure what you want to do (understandable), submit a General Application, and someone from our Talent-Acquisition team will be in touch to see where you might be a good fit.

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Refer a candidate that we hire and we’ll give you a free iPad. No kidding.

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Win a free iPad!

Refer a candidate that we hire and we’ll give you a free iPad. No kidding. So put Rocket Fuel on your friends’ radar and get a cool new tech gadget out of it. Make sure to tell your friend to put your name in the “Who referred you” field on our job form to get the credit you deserve. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us find the bright minds to fuel our growth. 

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