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Reduce Ad Waste Through Predictive Direct Response

Many marketers today believe retargeting and direct response are synonymous. But retargeting isn’t perfect, and marketers often blow their budget on expensive prospects who lack substantive interest or show false purchase intent. There are too many cases where consumers either visit a site by mistake, have already purchased a product, or are going to purchase a product regardless.

Unparalleled Campaign Performance

Rocket Fuel Direct Response picks up where traditional retargeting and prospecting leave off. Predictive retargeting identifies the highest performing retargeting inventory and purchases only the impressions likely to have a significant impact. It even determines if worthy impressions are more valuable on a CPA or conversion-rate basis. Marketers can reduce waste by spending their budget with an intelligent platform that finds an efficient and effective balance of retargeting, prospecting and conquesting.

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Find the moment that converts

Find the moment that converts

Leverage our AI's Moment Scoring™ and complex big data platform to optimise your marketing. Every time Rocket Fuel serves an impression, we learn about the outcome of the delivered ad. The result, over time, is better campaign performance and lower CPA.

Unleash Moment Scoring Across Channels and Devices

Unleash Moment Scoring Across Channels and Devices

Whether it's desktop, iPhone, Android or tablet, Rocket Fuel can seamlessly optimise your campaign across any device that drives optimal business outcomes.

Boost ROI by 30%

Boost ROI by 30%

Free from spend constraints between desktop and mobile, Rocket Fuel can unleash Moment Scoring's full potential to each valuable moment, on whichever device and channel it may be and for whichever marketing goal it may best serve.

Product Objectives and Capabilities

Prospecting is the act of finding new customers for our advertisers. A new customer can be someone who is completely new, or someone who hasn’t visited the advertiser’s website in 90 days or more. Basically it is someone who has a high likelihood of purchasing but is currently outside of the normal buyer journey/conversion funnel. This is our speciality. Rocket Fuel places a pixel on the advertiser’s website to understand the converters currently coming to their website. Our Moment Scoring technology harnesses all available information from a vast array of data sources to understand the propensity for other users who haven’t visited the website to engage and convert.


Rocket Fuel goes much further than just placing a pixel on your website and then flooding ads to your site visitors. Moment Scoring’s “predictive retargeting” identifies the highest performing retargeting inventory and purchases only the impressions likely to have a significant impact. It even determines if worthy impressions are more valuable on a CPA or conversion rate basis. This best-of-breed technology can discern between the recent site visitor and their propensity to convert because it is powered by more than just website data. Millions of data points for billions of users give us the edge we need in choosing the right moment of influence, regardless of a user’s last visit or action.


Advertising is a competitive battlefield. To stay ahead, brands can attract new customers by luring them from someone else. This is where the AI-powered Rocket Fuel Direct Response can help. We can leverage your data to build new models based on the sophisticated interaction each person has in the online world, at the exact moment they have it. Using anonymous IDs, we find the patterns and similarities to deliver a unique audience and advertising experience. This is conquesting built by your own data, and designed for you only.

Cross Device

Cross Device is a performance offering that enables marketers to unify a campaign experience by targeting and optimising to moments across computers and mobile devices. Having a complete view of the consumer journey gives marketers the power to identify and connect with people at the right moment, not just their devices. On average, customers have seen a 57% lift in performance for Cross Device delivery when compared to desktop-only delivery, helping them to run a successful campaign across multiple devices that target consumers during precise moments of influence.

Foot Traffic Lift

Rocket Fuel can influence physical sales with location-based mobile targeting that drives incremental in-store traffic. To measure the direct impact of mobile ad spend in driving real-world actions, Rocket Fuel has partnered with Placed, the leader in in-store attribution. As measured by Placed, Rocket Fuel’s geo-targeted campaigns average lift rate was 41.34%.

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