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Demand Side Platform

Demand Side Platform

Self-Service DSP Powered By Moment Scoring

Capture the right moments. By leveraging Moment Scoring technology, marketers are able to identify the most valuable impression opportunities autonomously. Rocket Fuel DSP is the one self-service media execution platform for marketers, agencies, and resellers that combines assisted-automation campaign setup and management tools with predictive Moment Scoring technology. Our platform synthesizes thousands of attributes in order to develop the information you need to take the next step. It’s time to learn new things about your audience, your message, and your business.


Generate Better Outcomes With Your Digital Marketing Budget

We all know data is valuable, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with it.  Rocket Fuel DSP has reporting and analytics capabilities that translate machine learning into a language users can understand. After identifying valuable media opportunities and optimising campaigns, Rocket Fuel DSP produces a wealth of insights that are easy to digest, and most importantly easy to act on.  With simple reports and customisable analytics suites, marketers finally have what they need to further enhance the relevancy within the advertising they serve to audiences.  Then, enter Moment Scoring. Where other bidders may see nothing, our AI technology can reduce costs and identify high performing impressions at a lower cost to you.

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Harnessing automation without handing over control

Harnessing automation without handing over control

The Rocket Fuel DSP puts results front and centre. Beyond merely equipping marketers to buy media and serve ads, our DSP uses machine learning to test assumptions automatically. Define your objectives and your inherent constraints, and let high-horsepower optimization technology take the hand off.

Explore the first ever low-touch DSP

Explore the first ever low-touch DSP

Scale your programmatic business with flexibility and speed. Our DSP incorporates user-defined strategies into an AI-drive predictive marketing engine that handles the computational grunt work around the clock - so that users don’t have to. At last, a DSP that allows you to launch a high-performance campaign in minutes.

Empowering marketers with ease

Empowering marketers with ease

This simplified, platform-based approach gives our self-service customers comprehensive transparency including site, financial, real-time dashboards and reports. Rocket Fuel provides a detailed reporting environment with customisable view, enabling users to slice and dice data to create millions of potential configurations.

Product Objectives and Capabilities
Automated Campaign Optimisation

Rocket Fuel’s campaign optimisation technology, Moment Scoring, studies patterns in audiences, environments and messages, and then applies those learnings in real time, at the impression level, to deliver optimal moments of influence for any KPI. Leverage an unlimited number of testable messaging variants to lead to the best performance. Our optimisation outperforms the crowd throughout the marketing funnel, across all digital advertising channels.

Campaign Planning

Campaign trafficking and management are made easy by low-touch workflows that leave the heavy lifting to artificial intelligence. Rocket Fuel DSP offers a suite of intuitive, powerful campaign planning and setup tools, allowing users to configure campaigns that have a high chance of success.


Simple, flexible tools for customisable reporting on campaign delivery and performance across a breadth of dimensions and metrics, with millions of potential configurations, saved views and emailed report scheduling.


In Rocket Fuel Insights, translate machine learning into clear, actionable reports. Uncover the signals that Rocket Fuel’s system has found valuable in optimising media spend and discover the audiences, signals and patterns that matter — quickly and efficiently.

First and Third Party Data Integration

Tap into the maximum value of your data by assimilating customer knowledge into campaign initiatives. Apply first-party data from all major DMPs into the DSP or third-party data from more than 50 best-in-class providers to enhance your campaign. It’s a new way to win with customer data, enhanced by the Rocket Fuel DSP’s Moment Scoring.

Private Marketplace

Bring the most powerful optimisation available to marketers beyond exchange media buys and into premium, guaranteed publisher inventory. Rocket Fuel Private Marketplace offers expanded reach across a curated set of premium publishers, including 98% of comScore’s top 100 PMP-supported properties. Advertisers can leverage Rocket Fuel Moment Scoring to optimise across premium video, display and high impact channels.


Optimise toward and measure for display and video ad viewability, with support for major third-party measurement vendors. Viewability probability is added as a key signal in our Moment Scoring technology to deliver high viewability rates. To achieve these optimal results, Rocket Fuel starts with advanced internal filtering settings and then adds Moment Scoring to find the right moment that will have the highest likelihood of a viewable impression, and finally it’s verified post-bid by one of our partners – including Integral Ad Science, Moat or comScore.

Audience Extension

Publishers, derive more value from your engaged audiences and first party data by extending your reach into optimised open-exchange inventory. Audience Extension gives you the ability to model your audience profile with information based specifically on your proprietary data, and instantly scale to drive more revenue. Audience Extension customers typically see up to a fivefold increase in targeted audience inventory, including mobile and pre-roll offerings.

Rocket Fuel engages your current and prospective customers across programmatic channels.
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Rocket Fuel provides services in support of your digital marketing campaigns.
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Delivering high-quality media has become the expectation, but not all platforms provide the automation and scale to succeed. Our platform is freeing up agencies and marketers to focus on customers and strategy instead of knobs and levers. Download our DSP Playbook here to find out how! 

Run High Performing Campaigns With Rocket Fuel

“We can now manage over 45 campaigns on a monthly basis, spend less time on manual ineffectual optimisations, and invest in valuable tasks like insight and analysis instead, which benefits all of our client’s marketing activity. Rocket Fuel’s self-serve platform also gives us the extra time to educate staff and clients on the wider programmatic landscape, as well as focusing on the higher level strategic planning with House of Kaizen.”

Angela Mottram Breeze
Director of Real Time Trading House of Kaizen