Publishers Can Create Scalable Programmes to Deliver Results for Their Customers

Leverage your first party data to grow your advertising revenue

Based on a 2015 study with Digiday, the demand for programmatic programmes using publishers’ unique first party data is growing faster than publishers are able to develop solutions. With Rocket Fuel’s platform, publishers can create scalable programmes based on proven results. Rocket Fuel is one of the only companies that offers ad sellers and publishers an integrated platform and full suite of programmatic services that increase sales and customer satisfaction. We offer both full service and service platform. Talk to our team about how our partners have scaled their reach by more than fivefold and more than doubled their revenue.

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Rocket Fuel provides products and services for companies that want to monetize their first party data to grow their advertising revenue.

Sales Planning

Want to mitigate your learning curve? Our team will provide you the best practices for developing a go to market plan for adding programmatic capabilities.

Product Positioning and Messaging

Creating new product differentiation can make the difference between success and failure. Our partner marketing team will help you uncover the unique value and how to simply explain it in a programmatic marketplace.

Sales Training

The caliber of the salesperson is the most important factor influencing prospects’ decisions to buy. Our comprehensive sales training educates your team on how to sell programmatic solutions and your unique first-party data products.

Platform Training

To realize the freedom of self service platforms your teams must have an in depth understanding of how it works. Our training quickly turns your novices into experts.

Data Onboarding

Your first party data is one of your most valuable assets but has no value if not set up properly for monetization. Our data onboarding team will help you create a successful segmentation strategy.

Campaign Implementation and Management

Successful campaigns require flawless execution, our managed services team will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Co-Marketing and Demand Generation

Know how to reach the right buyers for your programmatic solutions? Rocket Fuel’s partner marketing team can help you identify who they are and what they care about.

Campaign Insights

Advertisers are looking to learn from their marketing programs, Rocket Fuel’s insights informs how to build successful campaigns.


Audience Extension

Publishers, derive more value from your engaged audiences and first party data by extending your reach into optimised brand safe inventory. Audience Extension gives you the ability to model your audience profile with information based specifically on your proprietary data, and instantly scale across digital platforms to drive more revenue. Audience Extension customers see up to a fivefold increase in targeted audience inventory, including mobile and pre-roll offerings.

Programmatic Marketing Platform

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Private Marketplace

Join Rocket Fuel’s Private Marketplace network as a premium publisher and join 98% of comScore’s top 100 PMP-supported properties. Serve ads as one of our brand safe partners and take advantage of seasonal offerings Rocket Fuel offers its 1,000+ customers. Rocket Fuel’s PMP supports ads across premium video, display and high impact channels.

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