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Our extensive library of studies, infographics, and articles provide insights gleaned from industry experts on reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the moment of influence.

The Essentials of Programmatic Marketing

The proliferation of media has led to a hyper-fragmentation of consumer attention that can be corralled through programmatic marketing. Read about how marketers and their agencies can connect with consumers at key moments of influence to increase performance, awareness, and lift.

Explore the Programmatic Landscape with Independent Research

See what trusted industry experts are saying about Rocket Fuel’s superior technology as it continues to transform the way marketing campaigns are planned, managed, and measured.


Optimising Creative Through Moment Scoring

You may be reaching the right people, but are you serving the right ads? In today’s results-driven landscape, marketers have to prove their results, which means taking the guesswork out of the creative process. We analysed hundreds of thousands of digital ads served programmatically to find out which design elements best drive conversions across more than 15 vertical markets.

Proprietary Research by Vertical

Interested in the latest and greatest industry insights and best practices to help you, today’s marketer? Rocket Fuel’s robust research library keeps you updated with the goings-on in marketing, programmatic technology, and the rest of the digital marketing ecosystem.