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Programmatic Marketing Guide – A best Practice Briefing

Programmatic Marketing Guide

Forrester believes that programmatic buying will ultimately capture the bulk of all digital advertising spending. Find our more.


The New Playbook For Self Service Media

Learn about key strategies for DSP media buying in the age of automation.


Marketing Across Devices: Optimizing Your Media Mix

People are using a combination of devices, download to learn exactly how to reach them.


Rocket Fuel’s Guide to Programmatic Marketing

Capitalize on the opportunity to extend programmatic into all facets of marketing.


Inventory Quality

Learn about digital ad fraud, its origins, and how to prevent against and improve it.


The Definitive Guide to Creative Optimization

Learn how design elements such as CTA's, images and button color drive conversions.


What’s Under The Hood of Programmatic?

Understand programmatic marketing and why a consumer sees the ads they see.


11 Questions About Programmatic Mobile

Learn how to not waste ad spend on programmatic mobile and increase campaign conversions.


The Definitive Guide to Writing a Programmatic RFP

Learn how to choose partners and solutions with the right capabilities to help you achieve great results.