Rocket Fuel Study reveals what’s ahead in 2016 for marketing

As 2016 ramps up, marketers can count on one thing: Change. Ever interested in staying ahead, Rocket Fuel surveyed 204 brand and agency decision-makers in December 2015 to learn what they’re anticipating in 2016, and how they’re planning to adapt.

Data, data everywhere… but not enough analysts to think.

The explosion of marketing technology gives marketers a mountain of new data across previously unreported channels. But marketers are struggling to analyze it all to produce meaningful insights. With issues spanning multi-channel attribution, cross-device delivery/tracking, and Data Management Platforms (DMPs), the current talent war for Data Analysts and Data Scientists promises to only grow in years ahead.


Big trends ahead in 2016

Programmatic TV (pTV) has arrived
And if it’s not on every CPG marketer’s radar, it should be. TV still takes the lion’s share of spending for major consumer brands, and the rise of Programmatic TV (pTV) promises to transform that medium. 24% of brand marketers plan to buy TV programmatically in 2016 (an increase of 81%). Stay tuned.


Digital continues to rise: especially programmatic and video

64% of respondents said they plan to use mobile more in 2016 for campaigns, while 60% said they’d turn to digital video and social channels more often. Programmatic buying is expected to see significant increases, with four out of five marketers planning to buy digital display in 2016, an increase of 18% from 2015. The largest increases, however, are for digital video, which 70% of respondents planned to buy programmatically in 2016 (an increase of 36%), and TV, which 24% planned to buy programmatically in 2016 (an increase of 81%).


Putting data to work remains paramount

The explosion of data and the lack of enough Data Scientists and Data Analysts to make sense of it all make having a disciplined approach more and more important. Small wonder then that 91% of marketers interviewed are interested in learning more about Data Management Platforms (DMPs) in 2016.
The watchword for 2016 is change. More about that here