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Angie's List

Angie's List Case Study

“When it comes to acquiring new customers, Rocket Fuel is an industry leader and one of the best vendors we’ve worked with. Their ability to scale spend to 47x the original test while also staying within our CPA-goal range is beyond impressive.”

Pat Adams
Online Media Buyer Angie's List

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Drive new-customer acquisitions


Distinguishing itself from competitors, attracting new customers online

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response


More than two million households across the United States use Angie’s List to find high-quality service professionals and healthcare companies in over 700 categories. It was first inspired by Angie Hicks’ search for a reliable contractor on behalf of her former supervisor, venture capitalist William Oesterle. Hicks quickly realized there was an untapped need, and turned to Oesterle to raise money from investors in order to build the business. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and Angie’s List has become a booming business. It went public in 2011, and is traded on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol ANGI. Angie’s List manages its advertising in-house, and because of repeated outstanding performance, uses Rocket Fuel for its digital needs.


  • Drive new customer acquisitions
  • Build brand awareness


  • Attracting new customers in a crowded online marketplace
  • Distinguishing itself from competitors
  • Getting site visitors to convert


  • Rocket Fuel scaled spend 47x from the test spend to the highest-spending month while staying within the CPA-goal range
  • Comparing the test month with the last month, Rocket Fuel achieved a 2.3x conversion rate

What does it take to scale your ad buying while maintaining optimal performance? It takes a platform that learns and adapts to all inputs it receives – Rocket Fuel AI. Over a six-month campaign in 2014, Angie’s List tested this concept by scaling its ad spend by 47x through Rocket Fuel’s platform. It is easy, even for the untrained eye, to see that a huge increase in impression volume (orange line) and ad spend (at the three month mark) had little effect on Angie’s List’s cumulative CPA (blue line). Rocket Fuel’s AI took the additional ad spend and optimally distributed it over the duration of the campaign in order to find the right consumers at the right time to drive conversions. And did it all at 47x its original scale.

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Rocket Fuel’s expertise in AI and Big Data
  • Continued outstanding results with Rocket Fuel

Superb service and support. “In addition to superb performance, there is a reason we chose to scale spend with Rocket Fuel – the support is top-notch. You can tell immediately that the team really cares about their work.”