Audience Extension

Effortlessly Scale Your Audience With Spectacular Results

Ad Sellers face increasing demand from advertisers for scalable solutions and pressure to deliver great campaign performance. Ad Sellers are missing revenue opportunities when their supply can not meet the advertisers’ demand.  Rocket Fuel’s Audience Extension platform allows publishers to never again turn down a RFP or insertion order due to lack of inventory, targeting limitations or campaign goals. Grow your revenue by utilizing your unique and proprietary first-party data, allowing your advertisers to reach their audience far beyond your website.


How It Works





Flexible engagement models

  • Managed service campaigns
  • Self service platform
  • Integration with all leading DMPs
  • Increase your audience scale 3 – 5x
  • Audience segmentation with Rocket Fuel’s DMP

Massive scale for any audience 

  • Access to the top ad exchanges
  • 99% reach to total US online universe allows us to scale to even the most niche audience
  • Identify and reach new markets for monetization
  • Mobile, display, Facebook and preroll inventory
  • Results driven

Powered by Rocket Fuel’s technology

  • Your audiences are segmented based on engagement
  • Optimization to real time results
  • Integrated with top 3rd party data providers for advanced modeling
  • Actionable analytics
  • Monetize your data outside of your own traffic/li>
  • 90+% renewal rate
  • No hassle

No need to hire vertical experts and invest in technology

  • Minimal set up to get started
  • Start selling right away
  • Sales team training available
  • Marketing material available
  • Day to day account managers
  • Brand safety shield
  • Unique offering