Success Story

American Pet Nutrition

American Pet Nutrition Case Study

“We were happy with the service Rocket Fuel provided making sure we were set up for success prior to launch, but even more happy with the performance they drove with the campaign.  We are beyond confident with the capabilities Rocket Fuel provides in delivering high quality programmatic video and will consider them first for future opportunities in this category.”

Elizabeth McMahan, Integrated Media Director,  Diamond Merckens Hogan

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Drive in-market dog owners to make in-store purchases.


Surpass the benchmark for video viewability and meet an AVOC goal




American Pet Nutrition, has been developing premium pet food since 1972. They use only the highest quality ingredients and follow the strictest safety standards and they expect the same from their partners, which is why they chose to partner with Rocket Fuel when launching a new line of dog food, Supreme Source®.


Together with their agency, Diamond Merckens Hogan (DMH), American Pet Nutrition (APN) came to Rocket Fuel with a challenge; to ensure a successful launch, they needed to reach in-market dog owners and category purchasers who shop at select retailers that carry Supreme Source and quickly drive them to make in-store purchases of Supreme Source.


The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness, which unlike direct response, can be more difficult to gauge.  APN was also looking at other performance indicators, including viewability, which was a key metric in this case. Not only was APN looking to surpass the standard benchmark for video viewability for this campaign, their goal was for their video to be both audible and viewable upon completion (AVOC). This enhanced metric added a significant challenge, but Rocket Fuel was up to the task.

Pre-roll video is a desirable digital format because it provides the ability to communicate with sight, sound, and motion.  In order to ensure we were truly capitalizing on each of those communication methods and their combined effectiveness on behalf of the Supreme Source® brand, we knew that we had to assign a KPI that aligned with that goal.  We determined that AVOC rate was the best way to measure and optimize to the kind of video views that would lead to awareness, understanding, and consideration.”

– Elizabeth McMahan, Integrated Media Director at DMH    


Rocket Fuel was able to optimize targeting to reach likely buyers in the areas where Supreme Source was sold, and also deliver viewability rates significantly above benchmarks. By using Rocket Fuel’s Artificial Intelligence for pre-bid assessment to ensure that APN was getting quality inventory that was likely to be viewable, coupled with post-bid scoring to verify viewability and safety, Rocket Fuel was able to ensure that APN’s brand message reached the right audience of pet owners in the moments they were most likely to be receptive and engaged.

“Rocket Fuel greatly exceeded expectations for the campaign. We brought in a third party to provide benchmarks and monitor the campaign to make sure we were pushing Rocket Fuel to be competitive on the AVOC metric, but Rocket Fuel quickly proved that their performance was beyond comparison.  Rocket Fuel beat our goal AVOC rate by 50% and out-performed the industry average rate for programmatic video in the same time period by 170%.  This also led to higher than average performance for other quality and engagement metrics such as human, in-view, completion, and quality rates.” -Elizabeth McMahan, Integrated Media Director (DMH)