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Bowflex Case Study

“We’ve definitely been happy with our campaign to date. Rocket Fuel has over-delivered on set metrics, coming in below our set CPA and far exceeding our return-on-investment goal.”

Kate McNeil
Senior Planner TouchPoint Integrated Communications

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Increase sales, improve ROI, generate interest


Reach new customers, leverage tablet and social presence

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response, Channels: Mobile, Social


The Bowflex company is a market leader in fitness equipment. It is a part of the Nautilus group, which manufactures fitness equipment under various brand names. Bowflex has been responsible for introducing some of the most ground-breaking exercise equipment in recent times. As a longtime digital advertiser, when Bowflex needed a new partner with which to promote its CoreBody Reformer® and TreadClimber® products, it contacted Rocket Fuel.


  • Increase sales
  • Increase ROI on Bowflex TreadClimber® and CoreBody Reformer® conversions
  • Meet CPA on free information kit requests for TreadClimber®


  • Reach new customers
  • Leverage social presence
  • Integrate tablet with display


  • Rocket Fuel exceeded Bowflex’s ROI goal by 45%

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response
    • Channels: Social, Mobile

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Bowflex was impressed by Rocket Fuel’s technology and the different methodologies it uses to drive results with it

Big Data Audience Discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the ideal audience for Bowflex? They tend to be:

  • Women 25-65
  • Household income $75k+

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  • Family & Relationships
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Team Sports