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CFM International Case Study

“Our goal for the Paris Air Show was to build awareness and generate visits to the CFM website via mobile. Rocket Fuel knocked it out of the park and gave us a phenomenal CTR. Its mobile solution gave us even better metrics than we anticipated.”

Kyle Rogers
Associate Media Director Power Creative

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Surround Paris Airshow via mobile platforms, encourage site visits


Attracting as many site visits as possible, increase awareness

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response, Channel: Mobile


CFM International is a 50/50 joint company between GE and Snecma (Safran group). As a major player in the aviation industry, CFM had a significant presence at the 2013 Paris Air Show to launch their latest engine, the CFM LEAP, designed to power the Boeing 737 MAX family of aircraft: Airbus A320neo and Comac 919. The LEAP engine delivers the best possible fuel efficiency while maintaining the legacy of reliability and maintainability of its predecessors. In an effort to build awareness and generate visits to the CFM website ( via mobile traffic, GE Aviation’s agency, Power Creative, enlisted Rocket Fuel’s help. The results were, as the agency puts it, “phenomenal.”


  • Surround the Paris Air Show geotarget via mobile platforms and attract a qualified audience via topic targeting
  • Increase awareness of the CFM LEAP engine
  • Attain a high CTR


  • Attract as many qualified site visits as possible during the three-day event
  • Appeal to a highly targeted audience within the Paris geotarget
  • Run on a CPC model


  • Helped achieve a high CTR – overall, it was .7% vs. the industry average for mobile of .4% (source: eMarketer)
  • Generated higher CTR on in-app placements than on mobile websites

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response
    • Channel: Mobile

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Ability to address a niche audience
  • Expertise in mobile

Big Data Audience Discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the ideal audience for CFM International? They tend to be:

  • Paris Air Show attendees/geotarget
  • Aviation enthusiasts in general

Popular Content Categories

During the show:

  • CFM
  • GE Aviation

After the show:

  • Financial
  • Local News
  • Weather
  • Events