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Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum Case Study

“The Denver Art Museum needs advertising partners who can help us reach ticket buyers efficiently and effectively. Rocket Fuel is one of those partners, since its system ‘learns’ exactly who our best prospects are and advertises to them without further direction from me.”

Cindy Sewell Hohman
Marketing Manager Denver Art Museum

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Drive ticket sales, increase awareness


Maximizing the efficiency of the museum's online campaigns

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response


The Denver Art Museum is one of the largest art museums between Chicago and the west coast. Open since 1893, it has a collection of close to 70,000 works of art divided between nine permanent collections. In 2006, the museum nearly doubled in size, to more than 350,000 square feet, when it opened one of the country’s most unique structures, the Frederic C. Hamilton Building. The spectacular building serves as an architectural landmark for the city of Denver and the surrounding region. The DAM was proud to be the organizer and world-exclusive venue for Becoming Van Gogh, an exhibition nearly a decade in the making. The DAM used Rocket Fuel to promote ticket sales to huge success.


  • Drive ticket sales for the Becoming Van Gogh exhibition
  • Move into a full significant, efficient, effective online marketing presence for museum integrated marketing campaigns
  • Increase awareness of the Denver Art Museum and its exhibitions


  • Find an efficient way for the Denver Art Museum to manage its online marketing campaigns with limited resources
  • Formulate a way to manage this and future online campaigns for exhibition ticket sales
  • Increase awareness of the museum and Becoming Van Gogh outside of traditional “museum-going” demographic


Compared to its last major show (Yves St. Laurent: The Retrospective), which had little online advertising presence,

  • The museum saw an overall 240% increase in recall of online ads
  • Online advertising recall by first-time visitors increased by 18%
  • Online advertising recall by “typical-museum-goer” segment increased by 400%
  • Online advertising recall by “young adult” segment increased by 500%In addition,
    • The museum had to add more than 200 open hours to the exhibit schedule because tickets were selling so well (the museum couldn’t extend the show dates, so it had to extend its hours)
    • Denver Art Museum also shifted print advertising budget toward Rocket Fuel to provide significant online visibility for Becoming Van Gogh

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • It provides a “one-stop-shopping” approach to online advertising that enables the Denver Art Museum to reach a much wider audience than ever before
  • It continually refines the museum’s target audience as the campaign runs and it “learns” exactly who that audience is without the need for additional input from DAM staff

Big Data Audience Discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the ideal audience for Denver Art Museum? They tend to be:

  • Traditional audience within the “museum-going” demographic – those age 45+ (60% women, 40% men), highly educated, higher income, interested in knowledge and self-improvement
  • New audience, made up of younger people, mixed ethnicities and income levels – audiences usually not reached directly through museum’s traditional channels

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