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Diploma Hochschule

Diploma Hochschule Case Study

“We wanted to attract as many working adults as possible to Diploma Hochschule’s website. We needed a partner who could help us reach our very specific audience. Rocket Fuel did that for us beautifully, and at a price much better than our CPA goal. We definitely plan to work with them again.”

Dipl.-Inf. Oliver Kreimer
Digital Communications Diploma Hochschule

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Generate interest and applications, enhance brand awareness


Reaching the correct audience, enhancing brand image

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response, Channel: Social


Diploma Hochschule (DH) is a private, state-accredited distance-learning university based in Bad Sooden-Allendorf (Nordhessen), Germany. It has numerous campuses throughout Germany. Founded in 1994, DH answers working professionals’ need for a high-quality distance-learning program that enables them to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a variety of occupational studies. When DH decided it wanted to build awareness and attract new students online, it turned to Rocket Fuel. Rocket Fuel’s reputation for highly focused searches, as well as its real-time advertising capabilities made it the natural choice.


  • Generate university applications and information requests
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Build an image of Diploma Hochschule as a high-quality educational institution
  • Attract new visitors to Diploma Hochschule’s homepage


  • Attracting new consumers in a crowded online marketplace
  • Reaching the audience of potential students they were after
  • Establishing awareness of the Diploma Hochschule brand
  • Battling an image of distance learning as a lesser-quality educational option


  • Rocket Fuel came in 22% better than the CPA goal
  • Rocket Fuel delivered a general uplift of university applications, information requests, and site visits

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response
  • Channel: Social

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Rocket Fuel offered a fully managed real-time advertising solution
  • Rocket Fuel’s reputation for high performance and excellent customer service

Big Data Audience Discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the audience for Diploma Hochschule? They tend to be:

  • High-school graduates
  • University graduates who are looking for a second university degree
  • Working adults who are looking for a university with a flexible academic schedule that allows them to work full time

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