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Epson Case Study

“Rocket Fuel helped Epson drive consideration among business users and buyers across the UK, Germany, France, and Spain. We had a 19% lift in consideration across Europe – our 56% lift in Germany was truly amazing! Rocket Fuel’s Real-Time Brand Optimization solution really demonstrates true brand lift.”

Lyndsey Best
Company Director Agency 21

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Drive lift in consideration, shift consideration from competitors


Finding consumers who are truly in-market, fight fierce competition in crowded marketplace

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response


Founded in 1942, Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers, robotics, electronics, and imaging-related equipment. The company specializes in the creation of compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies. Led by Suwa, Nagano, Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson has more than 78,000 employees in 99 companies worldwide.


  • Drive and measure lift in consideration for Epson printers for key brand attributes of speed, cost, and energy efficiency
  • Shift consideration away from competitors
  • Build awareness, consideration, and purchase intent while campaigns are running


  • Battle intense competition in the low-priced-printer market
  • Finding consumers who are truly in-market for Epson’s products


  • 19% brand lift across Europe
  • 56% brand lift in Germany alone

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Rocket Fuel’s Real-Time Brand Optimization delivers campaigns that lift consideration, favorability, and purchase intent
  • Optimizes toward brand metrics in real time, demonstrates brand lift
  • Digs deep to raise awareness of Epson’s core attributes of speed, efficiency, and cost

Big Data Audience Discoveries

When advertisers work with Rocket Fuel, their advertising learns and improves. What did we learn about the ideal audience for Epson? They tend to be:

  • Businesses that are considered Small Office (SO), Home Office (HO), and Owner-Owned, as well as SMB/SME
  • Company sizes include 1 to 10, 10 to 50, and 50 to 200 employee

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