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PSD Bank

PSD Bank Case Study

“Because we wanted to reach a very specific group of target customers, we used Rocket Fuel for Brand with Audience Guarantee to help accomplish that. The campaign was a major success, and improved throughout its run. Even better, we only paid for impressions that actually reached our desired target.”

Marcus Wolters
Internetvertrieb & Online Marketing PSD Bank

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Reach a very specific audience of potential customers


Optimizing delivery with enhanced efficiencies

Product Purchased

Rocket Fuel for Brand with Audience Guarantee


Bonn, Germany-based PSD Bank is a group of 15 independent banks; each is responsible for its own region, and only works with retail clients from that region. Each bank is a member of Germany’s Deposit Guarantee Fund of Cooperative Banks.


  • Efficiently reach adults aged 35-64
  • Deliver 5,5 million impressions to that target demographic in one month


  • PSD Bank knows that its target group is very specific, yet until now there have been no measures to reach this target group effectively online.
  • Rocket Fuel not only needed to reach this specific group, but it needed to do so with increasing efficiency throughout the campaign.


  • PSD Bank saw an average in-target rate of 58% for the campaign, and Rocket Fuel’s technology was able to improve the in-target rate 86% over the course of the campaign (started at 36%, ended at 67%).
  • By the end of the campaign, PSD Bank was consistently reaching its audience 26% more efficiently than the industry average of 53%, (per Nielsen DAR norms).

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Brand with Audience Guarantee


  • Display

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Its ability to combine programmatic buying with demographic third-party data

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