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“Rocket Fuel’s DSP definitely wins on performance, and the ease of its workflows is amazing. Given our results, I’m really confident about the quality of impressions and engagement we’re seeing. Even better, Rocket Fuel’s AI benefits our performance, and provides new data that we can in turn teach our clients – something that makes us much more valuable to them. The Rocket Fuel DSP’s insights tools are immensely valuable for us because we get to go deep into the campaign. What’s performing the best within the segments? What are the consumer characteristics and behaviors that we can use to scale beyond the off-the-shelf segments?”

Alex Meakin
Senior Display Media Manager Search Optics

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Drive conversions, engagement


Efficiently achieving campaign results that meet client goals in a self-service environment

Product Used

Rocket Fuel DSP


Search Optics is a digital marketing company that specializes in custom, integrated solutions with an emphasis on return on investment. The company uses an uncommon blend of leading edge technology and human interaction to turn virtual traffic into measurable results. Search Optics, which was founded in 1998, has corporate offices in San Diego, Detroit, Orange County, Calif., Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Australia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and field locations in major markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.


The agency needed to find more avenues to deliver strong engagement and conversion activity for its Tier-3 automotive, entertainment, and hospitality clients.


Search Optics was working with a handful of media-buying platforms, but found it was expending a lot of manual effort to achieve outcomes that weren’t always in line with expectations. Furthermore, the agency needed an efficient way to scale campaign management across multiple clients.


Meakin and team were immediately impressed with the ease of workflows within the Rocket Fuel DSP’s UI. “We have a lean team,” he said, “and the Rocket Fuel DSP allows us to be hands-on with the media but not so in the weeds that we’re constantly managing bids.”

As Senior Display Media Manager Alex Meakin said, “Everyone is buying the third-party auto segments. Scale is limited and inventory is competitive. The insights tools in Rocket Fuel’s DSP are immensely valuable for us because we get to go deeper than that. What’s performing the best within those segments? What are the consumer characteristics and behaviors that we can scale beyond those segments?”

Once campaigns started to scale, the performance benefits become clear. “Rocket Fuel definitely wins on performance. And I feel confident about the quality of impressions and engagement we’re seeing.” Indeed, Search Optics has seen performance consistently improve as Rocket Fuel’s models have become “smarter” about campaign objectives, with aggregate indexed campaign performance against client goals reaching upwards of 1,000%.


Product Used

Rocket Fuel DSP

“The Rocket Fuel DSP offers a simplified approach to programmatic, allowing us to remain strategic and hands-on with our media while servicing hundreds of clients,” said Meakin. “The Rocket Fuel DSP is intuitive, easy to use, and – most importantly – it automatically runs campaigns that are optimized for our goals, while also providing the ability to integrate human inputs.”

Why Rocket Fuel?

Search Optics had worked with Rocket Fuel before on managed-service campaigns and knew what its technology could deliver in even the most challenging environments. It decided to adopt Rocket Fuel’s DSP self-service platform to see whether it would produce similar results. Rocket Fuel delivered again.

Customer service also factored into its choice. As Meakin said, “The client-service team has always been amazing, and definitely were this time. That balance between self-service and support sets Rocket Fuel apart. ‘Here are the keys, but this service mechanic will be there to help you.’  That’s extremely valuable.”