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Vonage Case Study

“Rocket Fuel has the data partnerships, algorithms, and technology to make our campaigns a success. They were the best performer on the plan, and often achieved a CPA that was £50 lower than other partners. As a result, Vonage increased its budget with Rocket Fuel and extended its campaign beyond the original schedule.”

Dylan Temple-Heald
Senior Account Manager Profero UK

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Drive site traffic, attract new subscribers


Intense competition

Product Used

Rocket Fuel for Direct Response


Vonage is a leading provider of low-cost communications services, connecting individuals through broadband services worldwide. Its technology serves approximately 2.4 million subscribers worldwide. It provides feature-rich, affordable communication solutions that offer flexibility, portability, and ease of use.


  • Drive traffic to the Vonage UK site
  • Attract new subscribers at lowest possible sustainable CPA (cost per acquisition)


  • Add new customers in a highly competitive market
  • Build positive brand awareness among new audiences


  • Scaled budget up while still being the best-performing partner on the plan
  • Delivered CPA that was much lower than other partners

Product Used

  • Rocket Fuel for Direct Response

Why Rocket Fuel?

  • Provides highly granular audience insights
  • Has the ability to build info from a wealth of owned and partner data, as well as selected segments
  • Its extensive data findings provided a designer audience for this program, as well as insights that could be applied to Vonage’s wider marketing strategy

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