1. We Live in a Moment-Driven Society

    How Will Marketing Adapt?

  2. Stop

    Marketing Just to Segments and Profiles

    Leverage Real-Time Data to Determine the Best-Suited Message in the Moment


    Using Months-Old Campaign Data

    Score Moments to Improve Marketing Actions in Real-Time


    Guessing Your Budget by Channel in Advance

    Find the Best Value – with a Media Mix that Adapts – Wherever it may be on Any Device

  3. Introducing

    Marketing in the Moment

  4. Marketing in the Moment Predicts the Right Moment on the

    Right Device

  5. What's in a Moment?
    At Rocket Fuel, a moment may be comprised of a combination of demographic, behavioral, and contextual attributes.

    Find Out What Attributes Define Annie’s Moment

  6. Moment Scoring


    Score the Moment
    Score the Moment Over
    the Life of the Campaign
    Score the Moment
    Across Devices
  7. Moment Scoring™

    Assign a score to each moment based on the goal

  8. Marketing that Learns™

    Learn the moments that drive campaign performance

  9. People Based Marketing

    Break channel & device silos to increase ROI by up to 30%