Making Digital Campaigns TV Aware

Increase Your Media Efficiency Across Screens

Use the newly released TV-Aware Digital Marketing Framework–with data commissioned from Nielsen–to evaluate your TV media efficiency. Based on your efficiency, we’ll recommend a strategy for connecting your media across screens, optimized to your audience’s TV viewing behaviors. Then we'll look at how to use AI to reach that audience in digital.

“The future isn't about less media or more media, it’s about getting the right and most relevant ads in the right and the most relevant media at the right time”

—Mark Zagorski, EVP - Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Evaluate Your TV Efficiency

Understand Your Digital Opportunity

Nielsen measured thousands of TV campaigns across five key verticals.
Rocket Fuel insights derived from that data will help you:

  • Identify your primary challenge in reaching consumers across screens
  • Discover the best strategy for overcoming that challenge
  • Understand how AI can be leveraged to execute your digital media strategy in a way that builds on your TV media buys

The TV-Aware Digital Marketing Framework

  • Auto
  • CPG
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Telco

Select your vertical and explore the graph to see if your brand is TV-Leading, TV-Lagging, or TV-Inefficient.

Nielsen National People Meter TV panel data, A18-49, Live+3, Data points represent Impressions & Reach % for Parent Brand by Month for advertisers in the Auto, CPG, Finance, Retail and Telco categories, Broadcast Year 2016

Download the PDF for recommended strategies to make your digital campaigns TV aware, guidance on the best approach to measurement, and insights on how to use AI to more effectively reach your TV audience with digital.

Brand Innovators and Digital Marketers

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