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It’s a virtuous cycle we’re happy to be part of, and we hope you’re equally happy with your role in this endeavor. But if you’re not, please click here to opt out of personalized ads based on the Rocket Fuel cookie, or here to opt out of other personalized advertising via the Network Advertising Initiative’s opt-out page.

We recently acquired online advertising company [x+1]. If you visited this page to opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from [x+1], you may do so by clicking here.

If you opt out, you’ll still see ads from us online, and we’ll still do our best to serve the most relevant ads we can. We just won’t know it’s you, so we won’t be able to apply any of your ad preferences. Note that we’ll still maintain a cookie on your computer to track that you’ve opted out. That opt-out cookie (like all cookies) is associated with a particular computer and browser. So, for example, if you get a new computer, install a new browser, or clear your cookies, you’ll need to opt-out again. If you change your mind, click here to opt back in.