The Rocket Fuel Programmatic 
Marketing Platform

Deliver on Marketing in the Moment

In a world of ever-proliferating data and increasing pressure to create more conversions with less budget, Rocket Fuel’s Programmatic Marketing Platform helps marketers and their agencies connect with consumers at key moments of influence to increase performance, awareness, and lift via either managed or self-service.

The Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform offers both a Data Management Platform (DMP) and a Demand Side Platform (DSP), both of which can work with clients’ CRM and Marketing platforms alone or combined to offer a more robust marketing solution. The Platform learns from each moment of customer interaction to deliver and optimize media spend to engage, upsell, and retarget consumers across addressable programmatic channels including display, video, mobile, and social—simultaneously.

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Stop Wasting Marketing Spend

Go Beyond
Profiles, Segments, & Demographics

Use Moment Scoring to Predict the Right Moment Taking Into Account:

  • Marketers Goal
  • Ad Opportunity
  • Profile
  • Contextual Attributes
  • Device
Break the Constraint
of Planning for Channels in a Silo

Improve ROI by 30% With Unconstraining Media Spend Across:

  • Objectives
  • Channels
  • Devices
Put an End to
Data Loss, Latency, and Fractured Views

With an Integrated DMP/DSP:

  • Full view of customers across channels
  • Engage, upsell, and retarget in real-time
  • Inform the next best action
Supercharge the Performance of
CRM & Marketing Platforms

With Rocket Fuel's Moment Scoring the Marketing Stack is Enhanced:

  • Adobe
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • IBM