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Optimize to the Moment, Cross Channel

Most marketers believe the promise of programmatic branding is increased efficiency through the ability to target and optimize to the right audience in real-time. (eConsultancy 2015) But in reality, most brand marketers are failing to deliver higher in-target efficiency when deploying cross-platform campaigns.

Improve Brand Reach and Awareness

Regardless of your brand goals, whether they be running video across desktop and mobile freely, viewability, or appearing only in brand safe and high-quality inventory, Rocket Fuel Brand, powered by Moment Scoring™, optimizes across them to drive successful outcomes.

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Reach your
audience, anywhere

Reach your
audience, anywhere

No matter what browser, PC, mobile device they are using. Rocket Fuel has 2.2B highly accurate cross-device linkages with over 90% accuracy. Rocket Fuel delivers greater audience precision and addressability across desktop, mobile and smartphones for video and display.



With Rocket Fuel, campaigns can optimize and update based on what’s working in-flight, and provide a detailed summary of the optimal reach, frequency, and performance by channel.

Reach moments,
not segments or bots

Reach moments,
not segments or bots

Advertise with confidence based on your ability to see and be seen by online consumers. Rocket Fuel Brand uses Moment Scoring™ for advanced brand safety protection and offers transparency on traffic quality and viewability across channels.

Product Objectives and Capabilities

Rocket Fuel cross-device graph connects 2.2 billion devices and 545 million consumers worldwide across mobile, tablet and PCs, giving marketers the ability to seamlessly optimize reach and frequency across all digital touchpoints.

Brand Lift

Rocket Fuel transforms brand research into actionable insight, performing real-time brand lift optimization at scale. Rocket Fuel brand optimization ensures your programmatic media is working toward your ultimate objective.

Offline Sales Lift

Rocket Fuel has developed a comprehensive partner ecosystem to close the loop between online campaigns and offline activity. In addition to providing post-campaign ROI, Rocket Fuel can take it one step further and optimize offline sales in-flight, making smarter media decisions based on what’s actually moving products online or off the shelves.

Brand Shield

Rocket Fuel employs both automated and human processes to deliver high quality video experiences across open exchange as well as direct publishers. Partnering with leading brand safety, viewability and fraud protection vendors, Rocket Fuel gives marketers greater control and visibility into where ads are served.

Private Marketplace

Bring the most powerful optimization available to marketers beyond exchange media buys and into premium, guaranteed publisher inventory. Rocket Fuel Private Marketplace offers expanded reach across a curated set of premium publishers, including 98% of comScore’s top 100 PMP-supported properties.

Rich Media & High Impact Creative

At Rocket Fuel, we offer a plethora of formats and channels to help you build and deliver attention-grabbing creative – giving you countless opportunities to engage your audience.

Interactive Video

Build awareness, generate intent, or reinforce offline messaging across user-initiated, in-stream, pre-roll video inventory.

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High Impact Display for Desktop & Mobile

Rich media creative units have also been proven to be effective when it comes to really drawing a consumer in and getting them to engage. Rocket Fuel provides in-house creative rich media development across display and mobile. We also partner with leading display and mobile rich media vendors to help you generate and serve just the kinds of impactful creative units you’re envisioning.

Geo-Audiences & Location Targeting

Rocket Fuel Geo Audiences offer syndicated and custom audience segmentation based on offline activity. Looking to reach audiences who frequent live sporting events, visit luxury retailers or specific retail locations? Rocket Fuel historical location on the individual level to reach consumers based on places they have visited.

Rocket Fuel supports brand campaigns across programmatic channels.
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Social
  • Video
Rocket Fuel provides services in support of your brand campaigns.
  • Program
  • Analytics
  • Creative
  • Campaign

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Improve the Performance of Your Brand Campaigns With Rocket Fuel

“Rocket Fuel’s ability to optimize brand metrics such as consideration in real time proved to be a significant asset to our online advertising. They helped Buick drive consideration among customers new to the Buick brand and engage the next generation of consumers.”

Julie McCale
Supervisor Starcom