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Stop Hoarding Your Data, Start Experiencing the Results of a DMP

As marketers, it’s overwhelming and far too complex to get a handle on all the information we gather, nevermind leverage it to engage customers with a message that resonates in any media and channel. And while it seems easy to push the project of implementing a Data Management Platform (DMP) to “next quarter,” now is the time to do it – based on a recent Rocket Fuel study, over 30% of surveyed marketers and agency professionals already have one and over 40% are considering a DMP implementation. Start seeing results immediately. Start increasing share of wallet, improving the frequency and relevance of messaging, and using your first party data to inform your ad spend.

Put Your Data to Work

Today, marketers learn about their audiences from some channels, but the Rocket Fuel DMP can help them centralize and activate data from all of them. With sophisticated audience building, proprietary modeling tools, and rich audience analytics, marketers can more efficiently engage audiences across display, mobile, mobile app, video, offline CRM data, website, and email marketing.

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Gain a full view of your customers

Gain a full view of your customers

Our integrated solution offers marketers a full view of their audience data. It also enables them to activate their wealth of first, second, and third-party data across both owned and paid media channels. Improving outcomes for marketers and better value for brands.

Build sophisticated audiences

Build sophisticated audiences

Custom first-party data taxonomies enable clients to build comprehensive audiences assigned to hundreds of attributes. They can then syndicate them over a spectrum of channels including all the top DSPs, DMPs, walled gardens such as Facebook, and other addressable channels, both online and offline.

Inform next best marketing actions across channels

Inform next best marketing actions across channels

Our platform supports all kinds of digital objectives and channels, allowing marketers to run both brand and direct response campaigns across all addressable devices. It observes more interactions and discovers more patterns. The impact and benefit is real.

Product Objectives and Capabilities
Data Capture

Create data elements that capture nuanced information about a user to refine audience targeting. Captured data can be used for targeting, setting, or updating attributes or logged for analysis. Rocket Fuel provides all the tools and the infrastructure to ingest data related to search, display, video, and social across all digital platforms. Our Smart Tag extension enables customers to capture information across multiple pages, including granular page interaction data, to better inform the AI to optimize your audience targeting in real time.

Audience Creation

Build and manage targetable audiences through marketing­-defined rules using first-­and third­-party data attributes. Audiences can also be created from artificial intelligence-driven optimizations or user­-specified models. All customer and prospect data onboarded to the DMP platform is available for analysis and reporting, including lookalike modeling. You can also go one step further and layer advanced targeting rules on audiences, such as custom lookups, user states, and daytime targeting.

Audience Syndication

The Rocket Fuel DMP has a built-in integration with our DSP. This makes syndication of audiences even better by letting clients capture additional learnings about customers and prospects. One of the key advantages of an integrated DMP and DSP is the ability to fully integrate digital campaigns with non-digital campaigns. The DMP acts as a control tower, learning from each marketing interaction with a customer and informing each channel about what the right message should be at any given time. The Rocket Fuel DMP also maintains integrations with all major DSPs in the market today.


Rocket Fuel’s artificial intelligence based modeling technology, called Moment Scoring, analyzes millions of data points to score the likelihood of each individual ad impression opportunity achieving a campaign’s desired objectives. The modeling technology continuously learns from KPI actions as well as other data points and constantly updates to automatically optimize toward a highly qualified audience and drive campaign performance.

Site Optimization

Top  global  brands  and  their  agencies  use  Rocket  Fuel  to  improve  the performance  of  their website by providing visitors with unique site experiences. Far more advanced than simple A/B testing  solutions, Rocket Fuel’s Site Optimization is integrated with the DMP and includes a machine learning technology that leverages clients’ first, second, and third party data to define  and deliver the right mix of offers and content for each individual visitor. Our technology can be configured to optimize visitors’ experiences based on a large variety of goals (conversions,  revenue, lifetime value etc.) and constraints (weighted product value, creative share of voice requirements, multi­placement synchronization, etc.).

Cross Channel Execution and Analytics

The Rocket Fuel DMP includes a full analytics suite, providing nuanced insights for audience analysis  purposes.  When  utilizing  our  Audience  Insights  Reports,  marketers  are  able  to  see complete audience profiles of their prospects and customers indexed against all data within their instance of the DMP.

DSP Syndication

Activate your data by connecting our DMP with virtually any DSP you’re already working with.  Our Rocket Fuel DMP communicates with all other ecosystem DSPs, but achieves the highest level  of  efficiency  when  paired  with  our  proprietary  DSP. The Rocket  Fuel  DMP  maintains  built-­in integrations with all major DSPs, over 200 syndication partners as well as over 30 third party data providers. If you’re looking to integrate a partner we’re not already working with, we are happy to facilitate additional data integrations.

Mobile SDK

Our proprietary SDK ensures that clients can reach their customers on mobile devices in the  most effective and efficient way. With this SDK feeding into the Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing  Platform, clients can benefit from critical cross device synchronization, driving incremental customer acquisition and deepening the relationship with existing customers by offering new products and services throughout various touch points.

Email and Call Center Integration

The Rocket Fuel DMP allows our clients to centralize and activate data from a large variety of sources in order to engage current customers and potential audiences more efficiently across addressable marketing channels.  Our DMP can be used to support upsell and cross-sell efforts by pushing out data to inform an email or a chat vendor.


Powered by Moment Scoring, the Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform helps marketers achieve their mobile app goals by capturing better in-app insights and driving engagement within mobile apps.The integrated solution works to minimize cookie loss that allows marketers to easily view all of their mobile app and desktop consumer data in one centralized hub.

Persistent Offline & CRM Data Link to Online Data

As an extension of the Rocket Fuel DMP, KeyChain is a smart clearinghouse that normalizes online and offline data and creates privacy by removing PII and creating a persistent, anonymized master key. This data can be used to create audiences that can be syndicated out to offline partners without zero data loss since no match needs to take place to the online universe, or it can be executed online, layered in with any online attributes, and targeted in paid or owned channels. This methodology represents a move beyond cookie dependency, as it provides access to cookie-less execution channels to centralize programmatic strategies.

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Engage Current Customers and Potential Audiences More Efficiently

“We use the Rocket Fuel DMP to transform our site traffic in to a remarketing audience segment that can be syndicated to Twitter. Without this, we have been limited to demos and keyword targeting on Twitter. Now we can reach an exact in-market audience whether they use their laptop, phone, or whatever.”

Senior Marketing Director Leading Automotive Company