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Programmatic technologies have evolved to reduce the complexity of reaching today’s diverse audience, but have also made it possible to go beyond the traditional focus on audiences and segments to understand specific, relevant moments in consumers’ lives. Just a few years ago, bringing this in-house was an exciting vision. With Rocket Fuel’s self-service platform, it’s a reality.

Generate Better Outcomes With Your Digital Marketing Dollars

Rocket Fuel DSP is the only self-service media buying platform that was built to harness automation rather than just provide tools for carrying out campaigns. With most DSPs, users spend precious hours applying manual optimizations that, even with the most efficient and savvy humans at the helm, can’t come close to the speed and sophistication of AI. Often, manual campaigns aren’t much better than guesswork—and it shows in their performance. With Rocket Fuel DSP, combine your strategic expertise with the power of machine learning to deliver better outcomes than ever before.

Brand Direct DMP DSP

Take control and deliver high performance

Take control and deliver high performance

The Rocket Fuel DSP puts results front and center. Beyond merely equipping marketers to buy media and serve ads, our DSP starts with the advertiser’s objective and works ceaselessly to find the audiences, environments, and messages that deliver against it.

Experience the first ever low-touch DSP

Experience the first ever low-touch DSP

Launch a high-­performance campaign in minutes. Beneath the intuitive UI is a level of sophistication that lets marketers express objectives and see what the system is learning as it optimizes and improves. Built­-in fraud and brand­ safety filters and controls, validated against independent third parties lead to quality results.

Gain a competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage

This simplified, platform-based approach gives our self-service customers comprehensive transparency including site, financial, real-time dashboards, and reports. We provide a detailed reporting environment with customizable views, enabling users to create millions of potential configurations.

Product Capabilities
Automated Campaign Optimization

Rocket Fuel’s campaign optimization technology, Moment Scoring, studies patterns in audiences, environments and messages, and then applies those learnings in real time, at the impression level, to deliver optimal moments of influence for any KPI. Leverage an unlimited number of testable messaging variants to lead to the best performance. Our optimization outperforms the crowd throughout the marketing funnel, across all digital advertising channels.

Campaign Planning

Campaign trafficking and management are made easy by low-touch workflows that leave the heavy lifting to artificial intelligence. Rocket Fuel DSP offers a suite of intuitive, powerful campaign planning and setup tools, allowing users to configure campaigns that have a high chance of success.


Simple, flexible tools for customizable reporting on campaign delivery and performance across a breadth of dimensions and metrics, with millions of potential configurations, saved views and emailed report scheduling.


In Rocket Fuel Insights, translate machine learning into clear, actionable reports. Uncover the signals that Rocket Fuel’s system has found valuable in optimizing media spend and discover the audiences, signals, and patterns that matter — quickly and efficiently.

First and Third Party Data Integration

Tap into the maximum value of your data by assimilating customer knowledge into campaign initiatives. Apply first­ party data from all major DMPs into the DSP or third ­party data from more than 50 best-­in-­class providers to enhance your campaign. It’s a new way to win with customer data, enhanced by the Rocket Fuel DSP’s Moment Scoring.

Audience Extension

Publishers, derive more value from your engaged audiences and first party data by extending your reach into optimized open ­exchange inventory. Audience Extension gives you the ability to model your audience profile with information based specifically on your proprietary data, and instantly scale to drive more revenue. Audience Extension customers typically see up to a fivefold increase in targeted audience inventory, including mobile and pre-roll offerings.

Rocket Fuel engages your current and prospective customers across programmatic channels.
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Rocket Fuel provides services in support of your digital marketing campaigns.
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“Rocket Fuel’s DSP definitely wins on performance, and the ease of its workflows is amazing. Given our results, I’m really confident about the quality of impressions and engagement we’re seeing. Even better, Rocket Fuel’s AI benefits our performance, and provides new data that we can in turn teach our clients—something that makes us much more valuable to them.”

Alex Meakin
Senior Display Media Manager Search Optics