The Predictive Vertical Series

The Predictive Vertical Series explores the way marketers in respective industry categories can gain a significant competitive advantage with best of breed solutions. The series covers in-depth macro trends that are shaping the global economy, defining the fate of companies and careers, while providing a sweeping perspective on the most advanced tools that are changing the way brands interact with audiences, and the way businesses achieve actionable insights to make more informed decisions.

The Predictive Retailer


A broad and expansive guide to becoming a retailer of the future, and the profound impact a consumer centric AI-driven system can offer for brand experience and ROI.


The Predictive OEM


A comprehensive guide to the OEM of the future, and how big data and AI are shaping the future of the auto industry and consumer engagement.


The Predictive Bank


Download a sweeping guide to the bank of the future, and the implications of an agile organization laser-focused on customer centricity and profitability.