It’s one thing to say you do Programmatic TV, it’s quite another to do it the right way, where you can truly take advantage of what Programmatic has to offer. Enter the combination of DISH’s sophisticated new programmatic impression-by-impression linear TV marketplace with Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring™ – together is the start of a new era for Programmatic TV.

There are 6B+ opportunities per day to reach target customers in digital video and with our new DISH TV integration advertisers can also reach over 8MM addressable households nationally. DISH addressable inventory will be biddable in real-time, giving marketers greater in-target efficiency across TV and Digital.

With partners like Rocket Fuel, DISH developed a supply-side platform that is designed to integrate with the existing digital marketing ecosystem as an impression-by-impression linear TV marketplace. Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring™ technology, which leverages AI and a massive big data architecture to identify influential moments across desktop and mobile devices and distribute marketing dollars accordingly, will now lend its expertise to the world of pay-TV.  


  • Reach target audiences in linear television based on granular targeting dimensions
  • Increase video viewability and in-target efficiency, optimize real-time decisions, dayparts, and targeting dimensions
  • Generate insight on engagement across TV and Digital, optimize in-flight to improve performance and overall synergy

By combining DISH and Rocket Fuel, the final piece of the programmatic puzzle—the integration of linear TV into the digital advertising ecosystem—is now in place. Let us know if you want to hear more about how marketers using Rocket Fuel can discern the moment that will provide the best value, in real time, wherever it may be across DISH inventory and the digital advertising universe.