Report on DMP Industry Evolution Offers Insights to Marketers on Data-driven Advertising Powered by “Marketing in the Moment”

OCTOBER 29, 2015 — REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ:FUEL), a leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider, today announced that Technology Business Research (TBR) has completed a report commissioned by Rocket Fuel entitled, “Data Management Platforms (DMPs) will flourish in the data-centric economy.” The report is aimed at informing agencies and brands on the necessity and value of integrating a DMP as part of their overall programmatic marketing strategy.

“Rocket Fuel is frequently reported as a DMP of record in our enterprise survey work with Fortune 1000 customers,” states Seth Ulinski, senior analyst, Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR). “Their leadership in large scale enterprise deployments, combined with their ability to provide real-time marketing intelligence from a wide array of data sources, better position them to capitalize on new opportunities than earlier generation DMP offerings.”

TBR’s 2Q15 Ad Tech Customer Study found that 16 percent of enterprises use a DMP versus 35 percent who use a Customer Data Platform for its CRM data. This gap indicates businesses have not yet made the leap from getting insight out of known leads and customer data in a Customer Data Platform to making the same analytical decisions based on audience data via a DMP. According to TBR, “Advanced DMPs like Rocket Fuel’s are vital to collecting and sorting data from earned and owned media and paid channels, allowing clients to develop target audiences to push out campaigns, then collecting post-campaign data for tactics such as retargeting.”

“The Rocket Fuel DMP stands out for its unique ability to solve the modern marketing challenge — how to move beyond segments, and even beyond 1:1 marketing to find perfect moments”, said Simon Hayhurst, senior vice president of products and business development, Rocket Fuel. “By using the Rocket Fuel DMP, marketers can not only work on their data, but put all their data to work across all their channels, partners and DSPs to drive brand awareness, conversion, and most importantly, ROI.”

Highlights of the TBR whitepaper include:

  • Evolution of DMP functionality from 1.0 to 2.0 to enable data activation and “marketing in the moment”
  • Value of Rocket Fuel’s Programmatic Marketing Platform for data activation and improved campaign performance
  • Assessment of advertiser readiness for DMP activation, as well as recommended success strategies

Rocket Fuel’s SaaS-based Programmatic Marketing Platform, which includes a DMP, can help marketers centralize and activate data from every channel, including display, mobile, video, offline CRM data, website, and email marketing. Additionally, the Rocket Fuel DMP provides sophisticated audience building, proprietary modeling tools, and rich audience analytics to more efficiently engage potential audiences.

Rocket Fuel’s DMP is underpinned by Moment Scoring™ technology, which learns the critical—and often hard to recognize—predictors of what makes one marketing action more appropriate than another in a particular moment, and, in real time, improves campaigns accordingly. As a result, Rocket Fuel can inform and feed real-time marketing decisions across all media channels and give marketers the ability to measure consumer responses and interactions to control the frequency, accuracy, and relevancy of their messages.

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About Rocket Fuel

A leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider, Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL) offers brands, agencies, and platform partners managed services, as well as a SaaS-based Data Management Platform (DMP) and Demand Side Platform (DSP), to optimize performance, awareness, and lift across marketing objectives, channels and devices. By applying artificial intelligence at big data scale, Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring™ technology performs a real-time calculation of each ad opportunity based on a marketer’s goal to determine the likelihood a consumer will engage in a desired action. Moment Scoring goes beyond 1:1 marketing by learning to predict what marketing actions to take with a campaign at a precise moment in time, which results in a much more efficient use of marketing dollars. Rocket Fuel serves 96 of the Ad Age 100, three of the top five agency holding company trading desks, and partners with some of the world’s leading CRM platforms, marketing platforms and systems integrators. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Rocket Fuel has more than 20 offices worldwide.

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